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COBIT 2019: Assess, Guide and Monitor (EDM)

Parent Process Reference Framework (PRF): COBIT 2019 Assess Direct Domain and Monitor consists of the following 5 processes: EDM01 Setting up and maintaining the Assured Governance Framework. EDM02 Delivery of assured benefits.

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Software license types

Compliance with different types of software licenses is a significant issue for IT organizations. When an organization chooses to purchase software licenses, it is legally bound by the terms of the

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What is Cloud Software?

Dynamism and mobility are two factors increasingly valued by organizations in the current conjuncture. One of the reasons for this behavior is the need to provide quick and correct answers to the

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ISO 19770-1: Know your benefits

Firstly, it is important to highlight that ISO 19770-1 works as an ITAM (IT Asset Management) process framework, being responsible for allowing an organization to confirm that it is managing the

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COBIT 2019: Monitor, Evaluate and Analyze (MEA)

Parent PRF : COBIT 2019 Processes: 01 Managed Performance and Compliance Monitoring 02 Managed Internal Control System 03 Managed Compliance with External Requirements 04 Managed Assurance MEA01: Managed Performance and Compliance Monitoring

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Learn more about COBIT 2019 and COBIT 5 There is no doubt that the Information Technology (IT) sector is no longer an operational area and has become a strategic value for

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