4Matt Technology


Our Future Vision 

At 4Matt, innovation and technological advancement are the focus and you cannot think about these topics without worrying about sustainable and environmental issues. Thus, we follow paths to make the world better and better. 

To achieve this, we apply ESG strategies focused on the environment and the work environment. These strategies are based on the main points (Environmental, Social and Governance). Adopting sound environmental, social and governance practices can drive business success and create a more sustainable future for everyone. 


We recognize the importance of reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability.


We value our employees, customers and communities, always seeking to promote an inclusive and responsible environment. 


We believe that strong governance is the foundation for long-term business success and sustainability.

What we do

Electronic Waste Management

We promote the appropriate recycling of IT equipment, preventing it from becoming hazardous waste for the environment.


inWe invest in the growth and development of our employees, we created trainee processes monitored by counselors for better adaptation and inclusion of new employees, offering training, qualification programs and career progression opportunities

Diversity and Inclusion

We promote a diverse work environment, where all people are valued and have equal opportunities. We guarantee gender equity and the inclusion of ethnic and cultural minorities.

Data security

The security of information protection and the reduction of the risk of data exposure, based on the LGPD and several ISO's, are practices that,to the adopted by 4Matt.

Work with sustainable suppliers and partners

Extend our sustainability concerns to the supply chain and partners, encouraging them to adopt the best social and environmental practices. Provide support for technical training and define specific criteria for hiring, monitoring and evaluating these suppliers.

Developing people

We invest in the education, training and innovation of our employees and people in our community.