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Maximize the value of your IT assets with ServiceNow

Our consultancy offers a comprehensive range of ServiceNow services, designed to optimize your operations and drive business growth.

Like ServiceNow Cloud Insights, we provide a complete view of your cloud operations, allowing you to have complete control over your resources and processes.

ServiceNow SAM (Software Asset Management) is the perfect tool for precise control of your software assets, ensuring you are always up to date and in compliance with software licenses.

For the effective management of your hardware assets, we offer the ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM), a robust solution that keeps you in control of all your hardware assets.

Furthermore, with the CMDB (Configuration Management Database), we provide a centralized, up-to-date record of all configuration items, ensuring you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

It is like AMDB (Asset Management Database), we offer a complete asset management solution, allowing you to maintain precise control over all your assets.

Software Asset Overview ServiceNow

Software Asset Overview – ServiceNow

ServiceNow Cloud Insights

Manage cloud assets to reduce spend and minimize risk with the Now Platform

Servicenow SAM (Software Asset Management)

Track and manage software licenses across the enterprise from a unified platform.

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

Track and manage the lifecycle of all your hardware assets, physical and consumables.

CMDB Assessment

Assess the current state of your CMDB to optimize service management and increase efficiency

Find out more about Servicenow

Discover all the advantages and benefits that ServiceNow brings to your IT environment by learning more about this powerful platform. ServiceNow is not just a solution for IT Service Management (ITSM), but goes beyond it to encompass IT Business Management (ITBM), meaning you can count on a comprehensive approach to IT Service Management and IT Management. IT Business.

This cloud-based platform has been meticulously designed following ITIL guidelines, a library of volumes that establishes best practices for IT service delivery. ServiceNow stands out by focusing on service guidance for tasks, activities and processes, providing an integrated and efficient experience.

Innovation is at the heart of ServiceNow, and machine learning integration is an example of this. By leveraging data and workflows with cutting-edge technology, ServiceNow empowers modern businesses to become more agile and scalable. With flexibility, power and reliability, the platform allows you to achieve incident and problem management objectives more effectively.

Furthermore, ServiceNow is not just a short-term solution; is a platform designed for a rapidly changing world. Its ability to optimize processes, make work more intuitive and generate new value makes it an essential choice for companies looking to stay ahead in the current scenario. By replacing unstructured work patterns with intelligent, automated workflows, ServiceNow helps create a smarter, more connected enterprise prepared for the challenges of the future. Discover how ServiceNow can transform the way you manage your IT and business services, driving efficiency and innovation across your organization.

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Learn more about CMDB ServiceNow

ServiceNow's CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is much more than just a central repository; it is a true strategic hub that acts as a data warehouse, storing crucial information about your entire IT environment. This purpose-built database for configuration management provides a comprehensive and accurate view of all your IT assets, from servers and routers to applications and logical constructs, consolidating everything neatly in one place.

By adopting ServiceNow's CMDB, you are investing in a solution that goes beyond simple asset management, providing significant benefits for your business. Imagine eliminating downtime, dramatically reducing the time it takes to fix an outage, remaining compliant with regulations, and avoiding security and audit fines. This is the effectiveness that CMDB provides, contributing to the robustness and reliability of your IT environment.

The advantage goes beyond daily operations. ServiceNow CMDB plays a key role in providing valuable insights for decision making. By understanding important service contexts, you improve risk assessment and reporting, driving operational and strategic efficiency.

Additionally, ServiceNow's CMDB stands out by offering cost management support, enabling accurate tracking of expenses related to software licenses and cloud resources. This functionality not only simplifies financial compliance, but also empowers technology managers to plan at detailed levels with asset management and at higher levels with enterprise architecture. By integrating ServiceNow CMDB into your strategy, you not only manage assets, but drive operational effectiveness and innovation across your organization.

CMDB workspace

Use a central tool to search the CMDB using natural language, attest to its integrity, and track activity.

Service Graph Connectors

Quickly and easily harmonize external data from key IT systems into your CMDB.

Data acquisition

Use agentless and agent-based discovery and service graph connectors to populate the CMDB.

Visualization and reporting

Map, query, and understand complex IC relationships between tables with a clear graphical view.

Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow offers a comprehensive range of services designed to optimize operations and drive business growth.

ServiceNow Cloud Insights provides a complete view of cloud operations, enabling full control over resources and processes, reducing expenses and minimizing risks.

ServiceNow SAM is an essential tool for tracking and managing software licenses across the enterprise from a unified platform, ensuring compliance and precise control.

ServiceNow HAM is a robust solution for the lifecycle of hardware assets, maintaining full control over them, from acquisition to disposal, to optimize efficiency and costs.

ServiceNow's CMDB is a strategic hub that acts as a data warehouse for crucial IT information, providing a comprehensive and accurate view of all assets, contributing to operational effectiveness.

AMDB offers a complete asset management solution, enabling precise control over all assets, simplifying financial compliance and empowering asset management at detailed and strategic levels.

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