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New Microsoft 365

Microsoft today started the first phase of changing the names of its Office products to Microsoft 365, starting with personal (Personal) and family (Family) products and will soon reach all

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AWS Cost Reduction

Not unlike AWS cloud services, companies are increasingly receiving public cloud bills that are 2X to 3X times above expectations. That doesn't mean change

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Microsoft Teams Free – Covid-19

As more people and organizations around the world are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, Microsoft will help organizations stay connected with employees and business partners, even when people

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VMware Licensing Changes

VMware has announced a significant change to its per-CPU licensing. This entire change took effect on April 2, 2020. Remembering before any technical analysis that VMware has never

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2020 Target: Cloud Tagging Policies

It sounds simple, but for those of you who have ever worked in a large datacenter operation, you know that inventorying and organizing the environment that is already in production is not a simple thing. In the absence of

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What is cloud storage

Cloud storage is one of the technological trends that we see gaining the market. The practicality of this system allows companies to improve productivity and save money. In the wake of digital shifts that shift

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Azure: All About Microsoft Cloud

Technology is gaining more and more space in the globalized market and companies from all segments are beginning to integrate into their systems, software that can promote the practicality and improvement of their operations.

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