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How does the cloud support backup processes?

Backup em NuvemThere is no doubt about the growing popularization of a cloud in backup processes, conducted by the companies' IT departments. Much of this is due to the variety of benefits provided by the cloud.

Who manages an IT department, needs to ensure that everything is working in perfect sync. When necessary, all datasets worked on by the team should be in place.

What is the best way to get these results? Everything indicates that the cloud is the best solution. After all, the sum of the advantages provided by the cloud gives the organization a high gain in market competitiveness.

It remains to be seen what these advantages are. Check out the main ones below.

Enhancing Data Security

Like cloud backup, the company gets rid of the vulnerabilities inherent to copies stored on physical servers. Precisely because they are physical, these equipments are subject to damage of the most varied types, like any other hardware item.

In the cloud, copied files will be protected by constantly updated defense mechanisms. The entire protection infrastructure considerably minimizes the probability of intrusion into the servers.

Even if someone manages to break into one of these servers, they can do little. This is because data is fragmented and distributed across multiple storage locations. It's hard to find a degree of security of this level elsewhere, and without having to worry about the extra expense to do so.

Management made easy

Generally, the IT sector carries that reputation of being a complex area and full of unintelligible processes. Of course, the department does have a load of complexity, but no IT manager appreciates complicated procedures, not least because they go against the fluidity of the operational routine.

As with other sectors of an organization, the main objective is to do everything necessary in the shortest possible time. With backup processes transferred to the cloud, the IT industry has one less thing to worry about.

Software updates, for example, are now scheduled. In addition, changes associated with backup policy and routine and access levels are easily configured.

Flexibility linked to operational demand

With the cloud, the company also benefits from operational scalability. Then the organization will no longer have to worry about future backup expansion. This is because the available space can be easily expanded.

In practice, this means that the company will always have a fully available backup infrastructure ready to be remodeled. In this way, it avoids any kind of bottleneck, a common problem given the need for operational restructuring.

One of the most interesting points is that the backup space configuration is reset by the manager at any time. The difference, at this point, is to guarantee that no copy will go unmade.

With a secure backup and quick restoration, it is possible to give the operational routine a high level of performance. Even if there are some interruptions, they should have minimal impact on your workflow. As you saw, the gain of effectiveness of the processes of backup it is closely related to the use of the cloud.

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