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Cloud Automation and Orchestration - ITOM

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Cloud Automation and Orchestration

ITOM stands for IT Operations Management, and is an area that encompasses various activities related to IT infrastructure, services and applications.

Cloud automation is the process of taking a single task, such as starting a web server, and making it repeatable through automated methods with minimal human intervention. This method requires manual coding in a single workload. Cloud automation is a subset of cloud orchestration.

Cloud orchestration is already the process of bringing together automated tasks and putting those activities into a process flow. 

Automação e Orquestração em Nuvem (ITOM) na 4Matt Tecnologia

Provisioning in any cloud

Automate environment provisioning, your policy management for cloud operations. Reduce the risk of breaches or overspending and increase efficiency to spend more time on business growth and innovation.

Broad Governance 

Automatically and non-intrusively apply default settings, TAGs and templates. Define policy-based governance for each type of workload

Blue Print Management

We optimize and monitor all cloud costs based on your strategy. We customize automated policies to identify immediate cost savings opportunities. Save money using our recommendations to reduce or close unused resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Orchestration is the coordinated automation of processes and tasks in cloud environments. This involves creating, deploying and managing IT resources through automated workflows. 

Cloud Orchestration in ITOM offers process automation, reduced human errors, increased productivity, greater agility in service delivery and compliance assurance. 

Challenges include the complexity of creating automated workflows, integrating disparate systems, coordinating between IT teams, and ongoing maintenance of automated processes. 

Automation improves the efficiency of IT operations by accelerating service delivery, reducing downtime, minimizing manual errors, and enabling IT staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Start by evaluating your current processes, identifying those that can be automated. Choose Cloud Orchestration tools that fit your needs and start developing automated workflows, gradually working toward a full implementation.

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