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ServiceNow - Cloud Insights

Manage cloud assets to reduce spend and minimize risk with the Now Platform

Consolidate IT and Cloud Management

Workflow tasks that control cloud costs with system-driven savings recommendations.

Reduce Cloud Costs

Ensure complete visibility into total public cloud spend and take action to prevent cloud waste. 

Automate and Simplify

Reduce manual processes by automating tasks in the cloud, from provisioning to retirement. 


Explore Cloud Insights features

Cloud Spend Dashboard

Track hybrid cloud spend in one place, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, to reduce cloud costs.

Cloud Spend Analysis

Generate spending reports, trends and forecasts in the cloud and make adjustments to improve spending automatically.

Resize Features

Monitors and analyzes resource provisioning and usage levels. Adjust sizes to reduce waste

Business hours

Identifies, reports on, and makes changes to resources that are running when they should be shut down.

Go deeper into Cloud Insights

Today, cloud services are quickly becoming the foundation for digital operations, replacing static on-premises infrastructure with dynamic, scalable computing power. However, while this on-demand computing model has dramatically accelerated digital innovation, this unprecedented speed comes at a high price. Unless IT teams manage this agility, cloud costs skyrocket.  


Cloud Overview – ServiceNow

20% to 30% of total enterprise cloud spend is wasted due to lack of visibility and control. 

Source: IDC 

How Cloud Insights Helps Optimize Cloud Spend

Manual processes are not efficient in relating cloud costs to business value. Sources of data on cloud cost and usage are many and vary greatly. There is no way to know whether cloud investments are supporting business goals, services, applications and projects. There is also no way to optimize cloud spending, as it is difficult to track changes in cloud resources, identify savings opportunities, and make necessary adjustments. Cloud Insights is a solution that automates and simplifies these processes. It classifies cloud resources by tags, attributes and business entities, and allows customers to monitor, analyze and optimize their cloud spending. It uses data from ServiceNow Discovery or other sources to make this classification.

Cloud Overview – ServiceNow

Cloud Insights manages cloud resources to reduce spending and minimize risk. Get visibility into total cloud consumption across SaaS, IaaS and PaaS, in one place. Speak to one of our ServiceNow experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

 ServiceNow Cloud Insights is a solution offered by the ServiceNow platform that provides insights and comprehensive management across cloud resources. It helps organizations understand, optimize, and control their cloud spend and resources. 

Features include cloud cost analysis, resource tracking, optimization recommendations, security risk detection, reporting, and integration with cloud providers.

ServiceNow Cloud Insights identifies underutilized resources, suggests sizing adjustments, and helps optimize resource allocations, resulting in cost savings in cloud environments. 

Security analytics in ServiceNow Cloud Insights identify potential security risks such as misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and suspicious activity, enabling teams to act quickly to mitigate threats.

Some best practices include integrating cloud data sources, setting optimization and security policies, regularly monitoring reports, and collaborating between IT and finance teams.

Start by assessing your cloud resource management needs, explore ServiceNow Cloud Insights capabilities, configure cloud data sources, define policies and processes, and gradually implement the solution to optimize cloud resource management.

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