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ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management HAM

Track and manage the lifecycle of all your hardware assets, physical and consumables.

Gain end-to-end IT asset visibility

Normalizes discovered hardware to maintain a clean CMDB and maintain accurate asset inventory. 

Accelerate asset workflows

Streamline lifecycle processes with automated asset workflows. This includes requesting, receiving, deploying, exchanging, and discarding. 

Reduce asset costs and risks:

Provides insights that help update strategic assets, minimize waste and enable compliance.

Discover the features of HAM 

Hardware normalization

Normalizes hardware with verified attributes and automatically adds undetectable metadata to assets.

Asset lifecycle automation

Improves accuracy, embeds service context, and speeds delivery with automatic configuration item (CI) and asset registry updates.

Hardware Asset Dashboard

Presents items and allows direct action quickly on a centralized hardware dashboard.

Asset inventory audit

Improve data quality and inventory process compliance with Mobile Agent and mobile scanning features.

Go deeper into HAM

Hardware Asset Management (HAM) automates every stage of the hardware asset lifecycle, tracking the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and devices, including non-IT assets. Asset requests are handled using workflows to obtain approvals, issue chargebacks, and provide services. Once an asset is deployed, HAM records maintenance activity and allows IT to perform regular assessments. 

HAM allows users to manage the entire lifecycle from acquisition to disposal. The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is focused on active Configuration Items (CIs) that are currently available in the operational environment. To maximize the value of an asset, customers need complete lifecycle information to plan for retirement. With HAM and your CMDB on the same platform, traditional challenges related to data integration, normalization and reconciliation are eliminated. The following diagram illustrates how an automated hardware asset lifecycle uses native integration with other ServiceNow solutions on the Now Platform. 

Visão ServiceNow de Hardware Asset Overview - 4Matt Tecnologia

Hardware Asset Overview – ServiceNow

Hardware asset management (HAM) provides advanced workflow, automation, and mobile capabilities to maintain assets. Speak to one of our ServiceNow experts

Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM) is a hardware asset management solution offered by the ServiceNow platform. It allows organizations to control, track, and optimize hardware assets such as computer devices and equipment. 

Benefits include greater visibility into hardware assets, better resource utilization, asset lifecycle monitoring, cost optimization, and automation of manual tasks.

ServiceNow HAM is part of IT Asset Management by focusing specifically on hardware asset management, complementing comprehensive ITAM solutions that cover both software and hardware assets.

Features include license tracking, software asset inventory, compliance analysis, workflow automation, usage and expense reporting, among others. 

Automation tools in ServiceNow HAM streamline tasks such as data collection, inventory updates, asset request approvals, and reporting, saving time and improving accuracy.

Start by assessing your hardware asset management needs, explore ServiceNow HAM capabilities, define processes and policies, train staff, and gradually implement the solution to optimize hardware asset management.

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