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Servicenow SAM (Software Asset Management)

Track and manage software licenses across the enterprise from a unified platform.

Achieve business results faster  

Software data workflows to add cross-functional value using existing platform capabilities. 

Reduce risks

Reduce software license risk by incorporating SAM into IT change and acting on unlicensed deployments. 


Cut software spending

Reduce software and cloud spend by co-locating parallel IT, reducing overlap and optimizing license usage.

Discover the features of SAM on the Now Platform 

Software spend detection

Resolve distributed IT spend by uncovering costs by geographic area, cost center, vendor, product, and people.

SaaS License Management

Manage SaaS costs and usage with meaningful insights and actionable data.

Publisher packages

Analyzes license compliance and optimizes positions for the most complex SaaS and on-premises products.

Software asset connections

Integrates installed software data from any existing discovery tool.

Contract and renewal management

Renews hardware and software contracts through targeted actions

Go deeper into the SAM

Almost every employee in a company has a computer and uses software provided by their company, whether on premises or in the cloud. SAM is the movement or tool used to help IT oversee and control software assets from a physical, financial and contractual perspective. In addition to managing software distribution and usage, this discipline includes lifecycle processes, policy monitoring, and governance and enforcement. 

The benefits of having a single, centralized SAM include the cost savings created from consolidated enterprise-wide buy-and-use contracts (instead of ad hoc purchase), reduced risk by ensuring license compliance, and reduced spending with underutilized applications. 

SAM technology automates much of the manual and error-prone processes such as spreadsheets, email and siled contract information. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow SAM (Software Asset Management) is a software asset management solution offered by the ServiceNow platform. It helps organizations control, optimize and manage their software assets efficiently. 

ServiceNow SAM automates software asset management processes such as license tracking, compliance, acquisitions, installations, and uninstallations. It centralizes data and provides insights for making informed decisions. 

ServiceNow SAM aligns with IT Governance by providing policies, processes and workflows that ensure the efficient, secure and compliant use of software assets. 

Features include license tracking, software asset inventory, compliance analysis, workflow automation, usage and expense reporting, among others. 

ServiceNow SAM facilitates collaboration by centralizing licensing, spending, and compliance information, enabling IT and Finance teams to work together to make informed decisions.

Start by assessing your software asset management needs, explore ServiceNow SAM capabilities, define processes and policies, train staff, and gradually implement the solution to optimize the use of software assets. 

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