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ServiceNow CMDB Assessment

We help you assess the current state of your CMDB ServiceNow. Be confident in your CMDB health!

Have a healthy and reliable CMDB

The CMDB is a critical component to the effective use of the ServiceNow platform and is fundamental to the continued growth of your organization. It provides accurate and reliable information about digital services and the infrastructure that supports them. However, the value of the CMDB is limited if it is just a master data repository. To create value, you need to do something useful with data. This is why a CMDB is an essential tool for maintaining high availability of services. With 4Matt's Prescriptive CMDB Assessment, you can quickly identify problem areas and take action to correct them, ensuring your CMDB is always up-to-date and accurate.

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Project scope

  • It encompasses forms and fields, custom fields and connections.
  • Establish CI maintenance and data dependencies.
  • Establish rules and data order, along with discovery, data sources, and integrations.
  • Distribute roles and duties, develop health dashboards, and apply data certification.


Current state

See everything in your CMDB, such as: Where the data comes from and what type it is, what kind of CIs you have and how they are used. 


Best Practices

Learn how the market creates, expands, controls and applies its CMDB.

Gaps Identified

Find out what difficulties prevent you from improving your current database.


Plan the next steps, with the benefits and costs of each.

Frequently Asked Questions

4Matt's CMDB Prescriptive Assessment aims to assist in assessing the current state of CMDB ServiceNow, ensuring its integrity and reliability.

The CMDB is essential for the effective use of the ServiceNow platform, providing accurate information about digital services and infrastructure, being fundamental to the continued growth of the organization.

4Matt collects data in the first stage, followed by analyzing the current state from various perspectives, generating recommendations based on findings, ranked with customer collaboration.

The project scope includes design, encompassing forms, fields, custom fields, and connections, as well as routines for establishing CI maintenance and data dependencies, sources and data, data governance, and data certification.

The results include detailed information on the Current State of the CMDB, best market practices, gaps identified in the current database and recommendations for next steps, with analyzes of associated benefits and costs.

Data collection in the first step involves a detailed analysis of the current state of the CMDB, including inspection of system configuration, customization, and usage.

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