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What is AWS: All About Amazon Cloud

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Known as Amazon Web Services, AWS is a tool provided by Amazon to provide IT infrastructure services. Since 2006, the service has used cloud computing to bring this solution in a way that fits in the pocket of companies, which can help both small and large businesses. Therefore, check out the post and understand all about AWS, the Amazon cloud.

How does AWS work?

With a data center in Brazil, AWS brings a good infrastructure for companies, for a relatively low cost. Besides being fully scalable, still allows certain expenses to be eliminated, especially at the beginning of the implementation.

It also doesn't require a long-term commitment. In other words, you only pay for what you use, within the thousands of servers available. It's one of the ways to save using AWS.

Furthermore, the platform is open, allowing the IT manager to choose the programming model or development platform which best suits what the company needs. And of course, having the backing of a giant like Amazon, it has all the tools and security certifications.

Inside the platform, you can host virtually any type of application, SaaS service, web pages and other solutions. Another option is to back up data by creating a reliable backup.

Finally, Amazon itself and the community have a lot of material on how to use AWS.

How is AWS's market presence?

One advantage of AWS over other players on the market is Amazon's guarantee that content is always available, even if there is a problem. So websites can stay online and generate revenue regardless of any issues.

In addition to this differential, AWS is the platform that brings the widest range of IT services to the cloud in the current market. Services can be divided into two large groups.

What are the main AWS services?

On the one hand, Amazon brings the basic services. In other words, they are computational, database, storage and network services. This means creating virtual servers in the a cloud, store and control videos, images and various other files.

Furthermore, there are platform services that bring slightly more sophisticated solutions. For example, distributing content, sending messages intelligently and many others.

The AWS Advantage is Yours flexibility. You can adopt the solutions as they make sense for your need, without having to invest a lot of financial resources.

Therefore, Amazon services can be used by virtually any type of user. A person who has a website or blog that has some traffic can use the most basic of AWS.

But this solution, as it became clear, it can also help large companies and platforms, with a very high level of sophistication. That's why the AWS customer list includes giant companies and some of the biggest innovation leaders in the market, such as Netflix and Nubank.

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