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ITAM & CMDB Managed Services

We help you choose the ideal tool for your use case, defining requirements and searching for compatible alternatives on the market.

We support you to implement the selected tools in an optimal, agile and effective way.

We combine solid ITAM and ServiceNow implementation capabilities with extensive software licensing knowledge.

SAM tool experts

We have expertise in all the most important SAM tools, such as ILMT BigFix, Flexera, ServiceNow and Snow. .



Most ITAM and CMDB tools don't work because they are poorly tuned. We help you avoid wasted time and unnecessary pain by supporting you to adjust your tools appropriately.

Managed Services

Time and money invested in an ITAM and CMDB tool will be wasted if you fail to produce the desired results. From complementing an in-house team to wholesale outsourcing, our specialized managed services teams always deliver.

Publisher Compliance Review

Our integration teams have the deep manufacturer-specific licensing knowledge needed to ensure your purchases, entitlements, licenses, metrics, evidence, and titles are accurately mapped, uploaded, and reported.


Evaluation and selection of ITAM & CMDB Tools

Our proven methodology helps you quickly identify the best solutions for your needs. Our expertise eliminates clutter, holds providers accountable for their claims, and saves you time and money.


We ensure your tooling infrastructure is designed to work at scale from the start. We also ensure that your data design and strategy are configured for maximum integrity and performance.

Advisory services on ITAM & CMDB platforms 

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Our Methodology

1 – Definition

Define an ITAM policy and plan, which establishes the objectives, responsibilities, resources and metrics for software asset management.

3 – Reconciliation

Reconcile inventory data with contract and license data, which verifies whether or not there is compliance between what was purchased and what is being used.

5 – Monitoring and control

Monitor and control software assets, which consists of keeping inventory data updated, monitoring changes in the IT environment, implementing security and software protection measures.


2 – Asset audit

Carry out an inventory and audit of existing software assets, which identifies the software installed, used and licensed in the organization.

4 – Optimization

Optimize the use and cost of software assets, which involves actions such as eliminating or reallocating underused or excess licenses, negotiating better conditions with suppliers, adopting solutions that are more suited to the organization's needs.

6 – Assessment

Continuously evaluate and improve SAM, which involves measuring performance, return on investment and stakeholder satisfaction in software asset management.




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