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FINOps and Cloud Spend Management

Reduce waste and costs in the cloud with detailed spend analysis

FINOps and Cloud

FinOps is a cultural practice and discipline that spans the cloud lifecycle, from conception to operation. Cloud Spend Management is an important aspect of FinOps, which focuses on optimizing cloud costs. Both terms are used to describe how organizations can get the most value from the cloud by helping teams collaborate on data-driven spending decisions.

FINOPS e Cloud Spend Management na 4Matt Tecnologia

Instance and Resource Management

We leverage instance and resource usage trends to generate cost-saving opportunities. We make recommendations where necessary so that your Reserved Instance purchases are always optimized based on historical usage, reservation types, and expired reservations.

cost reduction

We optimize and monitor all cloud costs based on your strategy. We customize automated policies to identify immediate cost savings opportunities. Save money using our recommendations to reduce or close unused resources.

Spend tracking

Learn how to spread cloud costs across your business groups. Find out which departments, teams, owners or applications are responsible for the highest costs. Analyze your spending data month by month and better manage your future spending in a custom period.

Budget and chargeback reports

Set cloud operational budgets by business units. Compare actual spending with monthly budgets and get notified when you exceed them. Hold departments or teams accountable by viewing monthly spend by business unit and allocating costs to the appropriate team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FINOps, short for Financial Operations, refers to the practice of optimizing cloud spending by aligning IT resource consumption with the organization's financial objectives. It ties into ITAM by providing insights into cloud asset costs and helping you make informed spending decisions.

Cloud Spend Management is important because cloud computing offers flexibility, but it can also result in overspending if not monitored properly. Managing cloud spending ensures efficient use of resources and avoids financial surprises. 

Benefits include controlling costs in cloud environments, identifying optimization opportunities, accurately allocating spend by project or department, and reducing the risk of unauthorized spending. 

ITAM expands to include Cloud Spend Management and FINOps by incorporating cloud cost management as an integral part of IT asset management. This involves monitoring cloud resource costs and continually optimizing those expenses.

Start by evaluating cloud spending, defining spending policies and cost allocation structures. Choose appropriate Cloud Spend Management tools and work to integrate them into your existing ITAM strategy, promoting collaboration between IT and finance teams.

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