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ITAM Agile

Modernize and automate your company's IT with the power of ITAM Agile

How to manage your IT assets quickly and cost-effectively

Optimize your hardware, software and cloud costs by employing ServiceNow IT Asset Management with our Agile and Lean Methodology. Ensure your organization's asset management, cost efficiency, risk mitigation and productivity. 

We manage IT assets across all areas of the organization, such as contracts, finance, software and hardware inventory, and risk management. 

ITAM Ágile na 4Matt Tecnologia.

Optimize your IT assets with our IT Asset Control and Management | ITAM Agile

IT Asset Management requires working together across multiple teams, including IT, finance and procurement. 4Matt specializes in complex management, adapting the implementation to your needs.

project identification

Analysis of business objectives and what should be part of the product in terms of functionality.


ServiceNow's intelligent solution planning by creating a customer priority list.


Implementation of defined strategies and distribution of tasks among the Scrum Team, which usually takes up to four weeks.


Use of checklists to have full visibility of your team's work, ensuring full management and support.

A new framework for action in ITAM projects

The result is a method that ensures that traditional waterfall controls are maintained in a flexible and agile development approach. 

“Agile with Control” allows us to guarantee quality and efficiency in the delivery, development and release of sprints; allowing projects to be completed within the expected budget and deadlines. 

Transformação ITAM Ágile na 4Matt Tecnologia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Calculations of the value of the service vary depending on the type of product purchased. Contact our consultants and request a detailed quote for your business. 

First of all, through ITAM Ágile, business objectives are assessed to implement the most appropriate project. Then, tasks are distributed among the team, for quick and optimized implementation of activities. Finally, the results are analyzed and improvement strategies are created when necessary.

This varies according to the demand and maturity of each organization, but 4Matt values agility in implementation and we aim for a maximum period of four weeks, from the study to the first evaluation of the results. 

ServiceNow interacts with other tools easily, such as Snow Software for managing Software assets and executing VMware tasks within the interface. Some functionalities of ServiceNow SAM Pro include: software reconciliation for compliance, software installation optimization and removal, SaaS License Management, software overspend detection, Software Asset Management Administration. 

Tire suas dúvidas em Gerenciamento de Ativos de TI (ITAM), Gerenciamento de Ativos de Software (SAM), Software como Serviço (SaaS) e Configuração de Gerenciamento de Banco de Dados de Configuração (CMDB)