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Software Asset Management

Manage and optimize software across the enterprise

Improve financial visibility during accountability and optimize costs with software. 

Increase IT customer satisfaction.

Reduce financial risk, security and compliance.

Support strategic planning and support decision-making. 


SAM Professional Services

Our SAM Professional Services connect you with experts in software licensing, processes and technologies to guide the control and review of your contracts. 4Matt Tecnologia handles daily operations and offers strategic support, freeing up your team for vital business tasks.

To be successful, Software Asset Managers must understand and implement best practices, and 4Matt Tecnologia can lead this process. Our managed services provide access to experts and technology, enabling your team to advance business-critical initiatives.

Serviços Profissionais SAM na 4Matt Tecnologia

Design and development of the SAM program

To achieve success, a SAM program requires a solid foundation of people, processes and platform. Our service designs and develops SAM programs, helping organizations establish goals, success criteria, policies, processes and functions. We also help you choose the ideal platform to meet your needs. We guide the development of the program with the aim of offering a defined solution to the current team or facilitating the transition to our service managed by 4Matt Tecnologia.

Desenho e Desenvolvimento do Programa SAM na 4Matt Tecnologia.

360 analysis of the SAM program

The analytics service is designed to measure the Organization's current maturity regarding software asset management. This service will assess the 12 key process areas. 

Each axis represents a process area with a rating from 1 to 5. Unlike a single vector score on a 1 to 5 scale, this multi-vector rating system provides greater accuracy and a clearer picture of how the SAM program is doing. going out. 

4Matt Technology, based on industry standards, will highlight the program's strengths, weaknesses, and areas of risk and opportunity. 

Análise 360 do Programa SAM na 4Matt Tecnologia.

Support in negotiating software contracts

Negotiations can be stressful and at times controversial. 4Matt Tecnologia is aware of software vendor contracts and will deliver recommendations that will strengthen your contract language and position. Our aim is to help you trade from a position of knowledge.

Suporte em Negociação de Contratos de Software na 4Matt Tecnologia

Trust the team with the most experience in Software Asset Management in Brazil

Frequently Asked Questions

Software Asset Management, or ITAM (Software Asset Management), is a practice that involves the complete management of the software used by an organization. This includes purchasing, installing, monitoring, maintaining and disposing of software licenses to optimize resources and ensure legal compliance.

ITAM enables constant monitoring of software licenses, ensuring that the organization is in compliance with licensing terms. This avoids fines and penalties for misuse or excess licenses. 

Common challenges include accurately identifying software assets, tracking licenses in complex environments, adapting to technology changes, and ensuring cross-departmental collaboration for ITAM success. 

Software auditing involves a detailed analysis of the organization's software assets to verify compliance with licenses. It is relevant to avoid fines and sanctions resulting from non-compliance. 

Digital transformation often involves the adoption of new software. ITAM helps optimize these adoptions, ensuring that resources are used efficiently and that risks are minimized. 

Start by evaluating your software assets, defining policies and processes, choosing management tools, educating staff, and gradually implementing ITAM practices across your organization. Consider seeking expert advice for a successful start.

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