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IT Governance: find out how this concept can be applied in your company

Governança de TIAchieving the company's strategic goals is a goal not just of the marketing team, but of all departments together. That's where the IT Governance, which seeks to align the team in this sector with corporate strategies. Check out this article for more details on the subject!

IT Governance: What is it?

For Escola Superior de Redes (ESR), IT governance is developed through strategic skills for professionals in the area. These competencies relate to the planning and implementation of governance projects. These, in turn, are considered essential in the corporate environment, whether operational or legal.

already the Gartner summarizes the concept as the processes that seek the more efficient use of information technology, helping the company to achieve its goals.

IT Governance is still quite confused with Software Governance, which seeks to adapt the programs used in the company to its goals. With similar nomenclatures and importance, the concepts have quite different definitions. So stay tuned!

Why bet on this strategy?

Generally speaking, the IT Governance expands the company's range of possibilities and optimizes its results. In this way, it represents a great differential, making the business become more competitive in the market. In order to achieve these goals, the strategy brings solutions such as:

  • More quality in services – Since the IT sector starts to function also as a strategic player within the company
  • Safer information – Therefore, the search for standardization of processes and verification of rules
  • Resource optimization – Avoiding waste and promoting the best results according to the available budget
  • Metrics tracking – Whether financial, productivity, conversion, among others
  • Greater business productivity – Because it improves the company's organizational processes, allowing everything to work as optimally as possible
  • support in cloud strategy – Ensured that cloud governance standards are implemented

Not to mention that IT errors can threaten a company's credibility in a number of ways. After all, they can expose at any time from their own information as well as from their customers, that is, the Information Technology sector has a great responsibility in their hands. To avoid all this being put at risk, betting on IT Governance may be the best strategy.

How to implement IT Governance in my business?

It is important to know that this deployment is not something that happens overnight. As it contains executable steps in different terms, the application of this governance is a gradual process. According to the Gartner, this implementation must follow the following steps:

  1. Identify company requirements
  2. Design a governance structure
  3. Validate this structure
  4. implement the framework
  5. Operate using this policy
  6. Evaluate the results
  7. Renew methodologies according to company demands

Remembering that, like other types of policies, IT governance does not have a fixed formula. In addition to customizing itself according to the profile of each company, it can (and should!) adapt to different ones corporate needs and market evolution.

Do you want to implement IT governance in your company, but don't know how? We can help you! Contact us and learn more!

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