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Software Asset Management: understand what it is and why it is important

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For those who have a minimal Information Technology structure, it is essential that everything works in an organized and very agile way, both for the success of the business and for the IT area and mainly to reduce risk, as shown by the Channel CIO.com speech There are some good practices that can be used that facilitate this type of management, in addition to contributing to the area's performance, bringing several benefits to the company. Do you know what Software Asset Management is and its importance? Check here, a little more about this methodology that can bring advantages and efficiency to your business.

What is Software Asset Management?

Software Asset Management, or SAM, in English (Software Asset Management), has as main objective to manage the entire software contract cycle, making processes more efficient and reducing as much risk as possible within a company. This methodology was created as a way of optimizing the different software and supporting security, usability and control issues.

The way of doing this management, in practice, allows various activities to be carried out with maximum efficiency, such as identifying assets, selecting the most suitable software for the company's needs, adapting processes, in accordance with ITIL and the identification of deactivated or expired licenses. All of this contributes to the company having better management and optimization.

How is it done?

So that it is implemented correctly and that it can fully fulfill its objectives, SAM is implemented through processes, people and technology. It begins with a complete survey of data about the organization's software assets first, which results in a diagnostic report. Then, the next step is to analyze and identify all gaps in software contract management, identifying what should be improved.

With the improvements in mind, now is the time to implement these changes to the tools. In this case, the inventory of new and old software is also monitored, taking into account its lifecycle and which ones should be exchanged or not. If this process happens continuously and is monitored correctly, all activities related to IT and asset practice will work much more efficiently, bringing advantages and benefits to the company.

How important is this methodology?

This type of management can bring many advantages to a company, allowing a precise change in the points that require improvement and bringing more control, through monitoring, preventing the company from using outdated or worn out applications that cannot integrate fully to organizational processes. In this way, the company can avoid unnecessary risks, costs and waste.

When everything is organized properly, cost and investment forecasting can be done correctly, which brings more security to the company, regardless of how much the financial complexity of your business increases, bringing greater competitiveness, compared to other companies, in addition to more satisfied employees and customers receiving a better quality product and service.

And if you liked this type of text and want to know more about Software Asset Management and how you can adopt different methodologies to bring benefits to your company, read more articles here in our blog! We have several subjects and several options that can help you with tips and new ideas, and if you have any questions, please contact one of our consultants so that he can answer all your questions.

Main Software Asset Management Platforms

Flexera Software: Flexera Software was a global leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2018 and 2019 for Software Asset Management SAM and Software License Optimization solutions. Its solutions allow companies to gain visibility and control of IT assets.

ServiceNow: ServiceNow has been investing heavily in its Software Asset Management platform and, therefore, in 2021 it can already be considered one of the main Software Asset Management platforms in the world market, especially after the release of Release Roma.

Snow Software: Founded in Stockholm in 1997, Snow Software has rapidly evolved into a market leader and the largest dedicated developer of software asset management and cloud management tools. Today, it offers a comprehensive set of cloud, software, hardware and infrastructure solutions for organizations around the world.

If you liked this type of content and want to know more about software cost management, IT governance and how to optimize processes within your business, check out other posts in our site!

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