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AWS Cost Reduction

No different with AWS cloud services, companies are increasingly receiving public cloud bills 2X to 3X times above expectations. This does not mean that moving to the public cloud is a mistake, the mistake may be in not seeking Cloud Cost Reduction.

The public cloud offers tremendous benefits in agility, response time, streamlined operations, and innovation . The mistake is to consider moving to the public cloud without implementing management, governance and automation, which will inevitably lead to increased costs.

One of the best ways to control cloud costs is to apply a CCoE (Cloud Center of Excellence) methodology and the first step in this method to combat rising costs in AWS is to obtain visibility of cloud spending across the enterprise.

Once you've identified high-cost and fast-growing areas, it's time to use policies for optimization, aiming to make the most of cloud investments.

Here are some of the best practices for AWS Cost Reduction:


  • Track and eliminate orphaned resources like disks, IPs and Snapshots;
  • Create a process of Tagging of resources;
  • Save up to 90% using Spot Instances;
  • Save up to 75% when purchasing Reserved Instances on the AWS Marketplace;
  • Buy Elastic Cache Reserved Nodes and save up to 77%;
  • Backup your data to S3 rather than EBS and save 75%;
  • Implement automatic RightSize for idle resources;
  • Climb resources in the Northern Virginia region and avoid São Paulo;
  • Upgrade to Next-Gen Families and save up to 20%;
  • Put an S3 in your VPC and enable Enhanced Networking in EC2;
  • use the new AWS Savings Plan and save up to 72%;
  • Use private IP (not Elastic IP) and stop paying data transfer between AZ;

We believe that AWS cost governance and Cloud Cost Reduction is an important issue and that's why we also make available a didactic and direct E-book with most of these AWS cost reduction best practices, to access this free content, Just fill out the form below:

Our AWS Cost Reduction E-Book

We cover in this e-book the cost control processes and policies in AWS with the aim of supporting our customers in the implementation of its cloud center of excellence for cloud governance.

our recommendation

AWS cost reduction best practices should be managed in a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and using a single cloud governance platform where you can control AWS, Azure, Google and VMware and achieve Cloud Cost Reduction.

It is very common that companies only pay attention to this control when their environment and consumption are already large and then it may be too late.

we are the 4Matt Technology, experts in Software Governance and CCoE, Cloud Center of Excellence.

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