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Cloud Governance: What is it? Where to start?

Cloud Governance

Cloud computing is an increasingly important resource for companies to be competitive and connected with good management practices. On the other hand, this technology will only add value to the business if there is a focus on implementing cloud governance.

After all, it is necessary to adopt procedures for cloud computing to generate more productivity, scalability and profits. By implementing private cloud governance, a company will be better able to verify whether the technological infrastructure is capable of optimizing institutional performance.

In this article, we will detail how cloud governance is a concept that has an increasingly strategic role in the corporate world. Check out!

See what Cloud Governance is

This is a concept that is embedded in IT governance. It encompasses processes, audits, monitoring, guidelines and policies directly linked to cloud computing. In other words, it involves the initiatives carried out by a company to monitor the results obtained with investment in cloud.

Therefore, it is a very important management tool in the current scenario. The reason is that many organizations are adopting the public or hybrid cloud to store data and improve services, with a focus on greater efficiency and security.

This situation also shows that it is valid to obtain knowledge about Oracle Cloud Governance and AWS Cloud Governance, as it involves the work of two large cloud computing providers with a positive reputation in the market. By learning more about the work of these companies in the cloud segment, you have a greater chance of making the right choice for your business.

Understand why Cloud Governance is crucial

Even if a company does not have the IT segment as its flagship, it is recommended to have a clear vision of how IT governance plays a relevant role in optimizing services and reducing costs.

In this sense, Cloud Governance creates a positive scenario to evaluate how work can be automated efficiently and safely. In this way, a company eliminates bottlenecks that harm the quality of services and delay delivery times.

Based on more consolidated governance, it is possible to optimize processes and reduce failures that can cause problems in operations, products and services in general. The more prevention mechanisms are correctly employed, the more an organization will be prepared to minimize the impact of problems.

It is also worth mentioning that Cloud Governance is widely used to evaluate investments to be made in IT. As it involves high costs, the application of financial resources in Information Technology must be done with sufficient planning and data that allows good opportunities for improvement to be identified in the short term.

Discover factors that justify adopting cloud governance

Cloud Governance is an initiative that goes beyond simply managing IT resources strategically. It is also a way of ingraining an institutional culture focused on innovation and the ability to follow market trends.

For you to understand this accurately, we will present positive aspects of adopting private cloud governance. Follow along!

Focus on good information security practices

THE General Data Protection Law (LGPD) requires organizations to take great care in the storage and processing of information collected from consumers. As a result, it is recommended that cloud governance be employed to minimize the risks of data leakage or theft.

By adopting criteria and practices to keep information more secure, a company shows itself to be connected with the needs of its target audience, which is very important to generate a relationship of trust.

Cloud governance is also an important ally in managing information security incidents. With better-defined processes, a company gains greater speed in mitigating problems, minimizing the consequences of situations that affect the performance of the IT infrastructure.

Procedures for using cloud computing

What data will be stored in the private cloud? What systems will be able to work in the public cloud? The answers are vital to have a structured plan on how to take advantage of the potential of cloud computing. Furthermore, they contribute to choosing Oracle Cloud Governance Services or AWS Cloud Governance as references in the management of corporate information.

An accurate mapping of cloud computing resources is one of the main pillars of cloud governance, because it provides a qualified analysis of how a company is using the resources made available by this technology.

This action also contributes to more qualified financial management. The reason is that there will be more effective control over expenses linked to the cloud and a more careful analysis of the investments to be made in the short, medium and long term. Without a doubt, taking proper care of the budget is a relevant measure for business sustainability.

Access control

There is no point investing heavily in cutting-edge technological solutions if there is no clear delimitation of employees who can access the company's most sensitive data and systems.

Cloud governance is essential for software and data access rules to be ingrained in the day-to-day life of a corporation. With a culture focused on protecting information, the risks of human errors opening gaps for cyber attacks will be significantly reduced.

Exemplary performance and management

Investing in Information Technology only makes sense if it increases productivity and generates more robust financial results. With the adoption of private cloud governance, a corporation is more willing to automate processes and reduce IT costs.

However, these objectives can only be achieved with precise management of the technological resources currently available. One of the reasons is that this practice helps to identify points for improvement and eliminate bottlenecks that affect institutional performance.

Through cloud governance, a company becomes more connected to the potential of cloud computing. This becomes viable due to better management of the IT infrastructure and more assertive decision making, based on reports on the environment's performance.

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