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Top 5 Cyber Threats in Your Business

CybersecurityAlong with technological changes are the problems that can arise from its use. It is not necessary to be an IT (Information Technology) or Cybersecurity specialist to know how much companies are currently exposed to cyber threats aimed at information theft. Therefore, information security has also been on the list of best practices for companies, whether for the local infrastructure or in a cloud.

In order to combat cyber threats, the company needs to draw an overview of strategies that help to reduce and avoid as much as possible the entry of malicious software, because, as we will see, they can cause immense damage. So, owners, directors, employees must all be involved in this.

See in this post five of the cyber threats that your company needs to stay alert and improve your Law Suit of cybersecurity.


When Ransomware manages to enter the system, it is able to encrypt all data on the hard drive. The criminals' action is to lock the information through a key, during this invasion, requesting values in virtual currencies to give access to the company. Many companies have already taken big losses, as there is no guarantee of getting access back for a fee.


Representing another danger for business owners, Phishing is aimed at stealing registration data through emails sent to customers. These are links that look like purchases, but actually direct the customer to pages that request registration data for collection and use in other frauds.


Malwares is a type of software that aims to control the system without the victim's authorization or to cause harm. They enter via malicious links, download sites, among others. They are widely used to take down important websites of organizations. These Malwares are very common and very present on inappropriate websites.

Attacks on IoT Devices

The “Internet of Things” (Internet of Things) which represents a current movement in the industry, brought systems integration and intensive use of the internet to the processes. This generated a series of hackers focused on using these new features as a gateway to invasions and data theft or even industrial espionage, generating great work for Cybersecurity in industrial automation environments.

targeted attacks

In addition to the software spread by malicious websites and emails, we also have more targeted formats of attacks. In them, criminals target a specific company and seek resources to break down defenses and steal data. These are ways that meet the company's profile, studying its weaknesses and making invasions.

These are the cyber threats that have caught the most attention in recent months. As the internet and technological resources in general advance, criminals who work with technology, unfortunately, also adapt frequently. Therefore, it is always necessary to invest in information security or cybersecurity

Having professional help for data protection is paramount. In addition, it is also necessary to alert everyone to the potential threats contained in accessing websites and emails, as a way of “educating” the team to act preventively against attacks. This must come from the highest levels of the company to the employees, so that the occurrences of invasion decrease.

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