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FinOps: The Path to Efficient Cost Management in the Cloud

In recent years, efficiently managing cloud spend has become a priority for organizations of all sizes. In this scenario, FinOps emerges as a crucial methodology for optimizing cloud costs and promoting operational efficiency. In this article, we will explore what FinOps is, why its adoption

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How FinOps can improve your company's financial management

Managing financial and technological resources appropriately is a constant challenge for corporations. And this mainly covers the management of investments made in public cloud computing. For companies to have a broader view of the results obtained with cloud computing, FinOps emerged. Its about

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CloudHealth, what is it?

When we talk about cloud computing, we need to somehow talk about a governance platform or CMP: Cloud Management Platform for managing cloud resources, especially with a focus on cost management (Cloud Financial Management and FinOps) and information security (Cybersecurity). “Cloud resources

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