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When we talk about cloud computing, we somehow need to talk about a governance platform or CMP: Cloud Management Platform for managing cloud resources, especially with a focus on cost management (Cloud Financial Management and FinOps) and information security (Cybersecurity).

Public cloud resources can generate exorbitant bills, so a close look at what's happening and why it's imperative in the information technology space

When talking about CMP or Cloud Management Platform, it is always important to look for references from Gartner where every year it classifies the platforms on the market in its Magic Quadrant.

Gartner focused its analysis on platforms that can manage “multi-cloud” environments or hybrid clouds (hybrid cloud), which may also involve on premises environments such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-v or Linux.

The platform we'll talk about today is CloudHealth, a leader in research from companies like Forrester and present in the magic quadrant of Gartner.

What is CloudHealth?

In August 2018, VMware announced a definitive agreement to acquire CloudHealth Technologies. More than 3,700 companies worldwide use CloudHealth to manage more than US$ 6 billion in cloud spending, acquiring the platform's ability to easily manage cloud cost, ensure security compliance, improve governance and automate actions across environments of hybrid cloud computing.

CloudHealth gives companies the ability to effectively optimize and govern their on-premises AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud environments on-premises to drive confident decision-making and smarter growth. There are rumors that in the third quarter of 2020 CloudHealth will launch its module to control Oracle Cloud, being then a pioneer in the market.

Thousands of customers around the world use CloudHealth Technologies to maximize their cloud investment, improve efficiency and mitigate security risks. With CloudHealth, customers can innovate faster without sacrificing control.

CloudHealth features

Key features of CloudHealth's cloud management platform include:

Data collect: The tool collects and consolidates data from the company's cloud deployments, including public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as well as private cloud platforms (private cloud) such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-v or Linux.

Reports and analysis (Visibility): CloudHealth allows an IT team to view and analyze the data collected through custom reports and dashboards. An organization can use these tools to monitor performance and usage of cloud resources, such as virtual machine instances, by end user or business department.

Cloud visibility and transparency

Cost management: The platform allows companies to monitor the costs of cloud computing resources, identify which users or business departments spend the most, and predict monthly costs.

cloud governance

Governance and security: CloudHealth offers IT governance features such as automation, policy management and authorization to help a company maintain compliance. The platform also includes a number of security tools, such as role-based access controls, and sends automatic alerts to an administrator when vulnerabilities are detected.

Cloud Security

CloudHealth also integrates with security and monitoring tools from public cloud providers such as AWS CloudTrail.

CloudHealth and the Cloud Migration

In addition to cloud management, CloudHealth offers features designed to help an organization with a public cloud migration.

The platform, for example, allows an organization to calculate its total cost of ownership for a cloud deployment and identify which workloads move to the cloud first based on application and resource dependencies.

CloudHealth works with cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP and VMware. It can also integrate with tools like Ansible, Alert Logic, Chef, Datadog, Docker, PagerDuty, Puppet and New Relic.

CloudHealth was founded by Joe Kinsella, Dan Philips and Dave Eicher in 2012 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It is primarily used by cloud computing administrators and other IT and business professionals.

The Cloudhealth platform is the basis of one of the fundamental pillars for the routine of a CcoE (Cloud Center of Execellence), where it acts as a provider of visibility, control and optimization of hybrid clouds.

What is a Cloud Center of Excellence?

The Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is a cross-functional working group that governs an organization's use of the cloud, driving best practices across functions.

The CCoE has three main responsibilities:

  • execute the cloud strategy;
  • Drive collaboration and using best practices such as Tagging Management, for example;
  • Evaluate and use cloud technologies to support business initiatives.

Because CCoE is made up of areas across the organization — primarily finance, operations, and security — the projects and initiatives they create have context and buy in from numerous areas outside of IT, ensuring that everyone is working for what's best for the organization.

The CCoE is tasked with creating a culture of financial awareness and accountability, both of which are crucial to operating a successful CFM function. Some of the indirect benefits include increasing gross profit margins, decreasing cloud spend, improving DevOps speed, and becoming more proactive when it comes to managing hybrid clouds.  

we are the 4Matt Technology, experts in CloudHealth, Software Governance and CCoE, Cloud Center of Excellence. Do you want to have fantastic results and good management of your cloud? Contact us and test the platform completely free of charge.

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