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The best new features of the ServiceNow Vancouver release

The launch of ServiceNow Vancouver is planned for September 2023, bringing with it many new Interesting features and capabilities. And in this post, we'll give you a bird's-eye view of Vancouver's best new features!

ServiceNow Vancouver

Major improvements

AI Research: The user's search experience has been simplified by enabling search result counts, displaying attachment results as part of their parent record, and opening search results in new browser tabs. In addition, search results are more flexibly refined with multiselect facet filters, allowing you to display results that contain any or all of the selected field's values. Retrieval of multilingual Knowledge Article searches has also been improved by mapping search languages to users' countries. Search has also been expanded to include Active Server Page Extended (.aspx) document and attachment content.

API: Using the server-side JavaScript APIs in scripts allows you to modify application functionality effectively. You can run client APIs whenever a client-based event occurs, such as a form loading, form submission, or field value change. In addition, the integration of inbound REST APIs makes it possible to interact with various ServiceNow functionalities in your application, making it more versatile and connected to the organization's needs.

Account lifecycle events: The new update allows vendors to offer a structured and repeatable onboarding experience to their customers, while ensuring transparency for both internal and external teams. In addition, it simplifies the collaborative processes of importing, preparing and publishing data for the integration of technology vendors' corporate accounts, making them more efficient and accessible. This update aims to provide an improved and cost-effective onboarding experience for enterprise customers by leveraging playbooks, playbook activities, case types, and case task structures specifically created to establish a repeatable framework for all onboarding activities, ensuring consistency and effectiveness across the entire process.

Advanced Risk: To enhance risk management, the platform now offers the ability to conduct a targeted risk assessment, allowing you to define your desired risk level going forward. Additionally, you can create specific scopes for risk assessments and schedule those assessments with a guided experience through the playbook integration, making the process more efficient. Flexibility has been extended for risk administrators by allowing them to configure advanced risk assessment forms according to their needs. The grid interface simplifies the initiation of bulk responses and approvals for metric jobs, providing additional efficiency. In addition, Integrated Risk Management Lite Operators now have enhanced features that empower you to perform additional risk and compliance related operations more effectively.

Audit Management: Users can now efficiently manage their engagements through audit plans that span annual, semi-annual, quarterly and multi-year plans, offering flexibility and adaptable approaches. In addition, the risk assessment of auditable units was improved, allowing for better definition of scope based on the level of risk identified. To ensure accurate follow-up, the platform offers the ability to create engagement milestones, facilitating continuous monitoring of commitment progress, providing greater efficiency and transparency in operations.

app engine studio

Generative AI controller
The controller allows you to connect your ServiceNow instance to third-party generative AI providers such as Open AI or Azure Open AI. This is extremely useful for summarizing, generating content, generic prompts and AI polls.

Main benefits
Use the power of AI providers for custom ServiceNow applications. Unlock a world of new possibilities for smarter applications that make work flow.

Estúdio do App Engine - Controlador de IA generativo
Source: Plat4mation

Main benefits  This tool makes developers' work easier with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder and intuitive user interface. 

GenAI on Workspaces - Case Summary and Email Composition
Workspaces GenAI now helps users summarize tasks and compose emails with ease.

Main benefits
With GenAI, users can reduce time-consuming tasks and complete them much faster.

Estúdio do App Engine - GenAI
Source: Plat4mation

text to code
With text to code, developers can generate code in script fields by writing a natural language prompt. This prompt is then transformed into JavaScript code.

Main benefits
With this feature, writing code will be much easier and faster. The machine learning model used by ServiceNow will be constantly improved in the future. So converting text to code will not only suggest JavaScript code, but also code based on ServiceNow best practices.

Estúdio do App Engine - Texto para código
Source: Plat4mation

Customer Service Management

CSM Workspace dashboard landing pages
Dashboard technology based on UI Builder is finally available in CSM Workspace! This provides the flexibility needed for the Workspace homepage without relying on developers to implement homepage variants.

Main benefits
Customer service agents and managers can now view, customize and share dashboards through homepages. Switch between available dashboards, modify lists and metrics to track important information, and share created dashboards with other users and across teams.

CSM Workspace
Source: Plat4mation

Structure of declarative responsibility
This new framework incorporates the existing accountability feature and allows you to add an additional layer of access controls to CSM entities such as Case or Product Sold records.

Main benefits
Reduce the need for scripts and allow administrators to create and update responsibility definitions and configure access settings.

CSM - Estrutura de responsabilidade declarativa
Source: Plat4mation

Provision of HR services

Employee growth and development
Introducing an AI-powered talent transformation solution to drive skills-based workforce management.

Main benefits
Employee growth and development allows you to develop data-driven talent management strategies. These strategies help predict, identify and develop skills that will have the greatest business impact and close talent gaps. Furthermore, employees will be able to identify their skills, areas of interest and career paths and use these to improve the relationship between managers and employees.


Enhanced advanced risk assessment, incl. Target risk scope and guided assessment
The launch of ServiceNow Vancouver has improved the user experience and advanced risk assessment configuration possibilities, making the risk engine even stronger. In addition, you can rename Assessment steps (eg Inherent Risk to Gross Risk, Residual Risk to Net Risk, etc.) and configure Assessment forms based on individual needs, which was previously not possible without heavy customization.

Main benefits
The new Risk Manager can now differentiate between Residual Risk (current Risk level after Controls implemented) and Target Risk (Risk Level after all planned Controls) in the Risk Assessment Methodology. In addition, the Risk process includes a Guided Manual for scheduling Risk Assessments and scoping Risks. This allows for easy customization of Risk Assessment screens and more. These enhancements give the Risk Manager greater flexibility to adapt the Risk Assessment process to the organization's requirements and terms.

User interface revamping for BCM (UI-Builder Workspace)
The launch of ServiceNow Vancouver has revamped the user experience for BCM users. The newly introduced BCM-Workspace is now based on the new UI-Builder technology. Prior to that, the BCM-Workspace Interface was still built on Legacy Workspace Technology.

Main benefits
This not only gives the user a completely new, modern and intuitive look and feel, but also allows implementers to more easily adjust the workspace to the needs of the organization. Additionally, custom workspace dashboards, including charts and reports, can be easily created and tailored to different user groups.

New IRM App: Compliance Case Management
Introducing a new module/application in the IRM/GRC suite – Compliance Case Management! With this application, users can report, investigate and resolve Compliance cases and events, such as complaints and violations of Guidelines and Policies.

Compliance cases and cases can have different types, which under certain circumstances define the workflow. Additionally, compliance case assessments can be used to investigate, assess impact and resolve cases in a timely manner.

Main benefits
This application makes Compliance a part of everyone's work and improves collaboration between different stakeholders such as Compliance Team, Legal, Line of Business, etc. In addition, it makes it easier to react and resolve compliance issues in the organization.

Did you know that 4Matt Tecnologia is a specialized partner in ITAM and ITOM of ServiceNow? If you need assistance with the new update, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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Translated by 4Matt Technology, from the original Plat4mation: The best new features from the ServiceNow Vancouver release

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