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What is Cloud Software?

Dynamism and mobility are two factors increasingly valued by organizations in the current conjuncture. One of the reasons for this behavior is the need to provide quick and correct answers to the target audience. In other words, improve the quality of care. Undoubtedly, this factor has contributed to greater adoption of cloud software.

A consultancy survey Gartner points out that there was an expansion of 20% in the use of cloud computing systems in the period from 2020 to 2021. This result shows the strengthening of a new trend, which began to consolidate in the market with the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19).

In this article, we will detail a series of points that show how the use of software in the cloud is advantageous for different types of institutions. Check out!

Software em nuvem

Understand what cloud software is

This is a feature that can be used on any device with internet access. For example, a company chooses to have a management system hosted in the cloud computing model. In this case, it is possible to use the tool on any device (desktop, smartphone, etc.), as long as the user has a password and a web connection.

It is not necessary to save the program on the machine, which makes accessing it much faster and simpler in most cases. After all, the system will not be taking up memory on the equipment, nor will it require a great deal of processing effort to be opened quickly.

Given this scenario, the use of cloud solutions has become a very interesting alternative. The evolution of important mechanisms, such as databases, network infrastructure, among others, also contributes to expanding this new posture.

Be aware of the advantages of adopting a cloud system

It is unquestionable that cloud computing is an increasingly strategic technology in the corporate world. This level was reached due to the gains it provides for organizations of the most different segments and sizes.

With the intention of helping you to visualize the potential of cloud software, we are going to present several benefits of investing in this resource in the short term. Follow carefully!

cost reduction

On-premise systems require a series of licenses to be installed on equipment. Depending on the case, it is necessary to have a permission for each device. Undeniably, it is a situation that generates high expenses and, in certain situations, is quite costly for companies.

By joining a cloud system, a company can have more practical and economical access to various tools. After all, it is not necessary to install the solution on the machines. And that, without a doubt, makes accessing it much simpler, making it even unnecessary to pay for multiple licenses for the same platform.

Ease of access

Mobility is a key feature to achieve remarkable productivity and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction with the quality of services. This reason has made many companies opt for software in the cloud, because it is an option that makes access to technological resources much easier and more agile.

In times of home office, it is crucial that organizations provide employees with the opportunity to work efficiently and quickly in different places. Thus, the implementation of the hybrid work model, for example, allows a corporation to be fully adapted to the new times.

For this to be viable, it is necessary to opt for solutions that can be accessed from any device connected to the web. This is one of the justifications for investing in software available in cloud computing.

Focus on more convenient storage

There is no doubt that having your own Data Center is a very heavy investment. After all, this environment requires state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, which includes servers, database, security mechanisms, among other items.

And, in order to have a highly secure IT environment, it is necessary to have a large volume of capital, something that most small and medium-sized companies do not currently have. This situation has convinced many companies to opt for cloud software, because it is a way not only to have easier access, but also to have simpler storage.

After all, a company won't need to worry about whether the servers are able to efficiently supply the demand. This certainly creates greater peace of mind to proceed with the work and seek an increasingly expressive yield.

More attention to business needs

We have already highlighted in this article that it is very important to apply financial resources to maintain a robust IT infrastructure capable of adding value to the brand. This action is important, but it consumes a lot of time requiring a lot of planning, effort and time.

To gain more agility, reduce costs and keep the focus on what is really strategic, it is worth looking for cloud software companies that provide systems focused on the advantages provided by cloud computing.

Today, it is a big mistake to waste employees' time and energy on activities that can easily be outsourced. It is not just a matter of economy, but also of having a greater capacity to manage resources (human, material and technological) in order to use them strategically.

The more a company is adopting good management practices, the greater the possibilities for it to remain competitive and able to follow the trends imposed by digital transformation. Undeniably, this is a point that cannot be ignored by leaders under any circumstances.

Information security is the foundation of everything

With the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), keeping technological tools highly secure is no longer a differential and has become an obligation. If an organization is involved in cases of theft or leakage of information, fines of up to R$ 50 million or equivalent to 2% of gross revenue may be imposed.

That is, there is considerable damage to a company's finances and reputation when there is an error in the care of data. This factor, undeniably, shows how crucial it is to opt for software in the cloud, because security becomes a responsibility of the cloud computing provider.

With the sophistication of the methods adopted by cybercriminals to unduly increase earnings, corporations need more qualified technological support to keep data highly protected. And this, of course, is a highly recommended practice to minimize the risks of large-scale cyberattacks.

It is worth remembering that renowned brands (Americanas, JBS, among others) have already been victims of cybercriminals and had a great financial loss due to failures in information security. Therefore, an entrepreneur must carefully analyze the options to reduce, as much as possible, the risks of information loss.

Scalability makes the difference

When maintaining an IT infrastructure on its own, it is necessary to verify that the available resources (servers, database, among others) are able to keep up with the business growth in a consistent way.

If there is an error in the analysis, there is a great risk that a company will have serious difficulties in meeting the demand of the target audience and staying competitive. By betting on more dynamic technological resources, the possibility of growing with scalability increases considerably.

This has influenced many institutions to bet on cloud software. Certainly, this is a movement that tends to grow in the coming years because of the digitization of society in recent years.

If you are looking for support from a cloud software company, contact us right now! We have solutions that fit your business needs!

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