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What is cloud storage

Cloud storage is one of the technology trends we see taking the market. The practicality of this system allows companies to improve productivity and save.

In the wake of market-changing digital shifts, cloud storage has been one of the first significant changes. According to Gartner Research, in 2020 cloud computing will grow 17% and profit 266.4 billion dollars.

The growth is driven by the low cost of application, which allows even small companies to rely on the technology. Discover the main features of cloud computing and the main benefits.

What is cloud storage

Cloud storage is the act of using the internet (cloud) to store important information and data about your business. It is known as cloud computing or by the term in English: cloud computing.

When a company has cloud storage, it means that it does not use a local server to store its systems, data and information. That is, it outsources its storage, which is now on the internet instead of data centers, drivers and other hardware systems.

Benefits of cloud storage

Storage brings the most diverse benefits to your business. Below we list the top 5:


The first benefit comes in the revenue. You save on dedicated servers, hardware appliances and even IT staff. Besides, you don't need to spend on any defects and maintenance of your system. With the low investment in a service package, you get more quality at a cost.


The entire team has access to the information they need quickly. In addition to facilitating group work, cloud storage tends to speed up the execution of tasks. Working in the cloud computing system, it is possible to manage projects remotely, with the entire team online. Users have access to the same file, which updates when each makes changes.


Since you are using the internet, the flexibility is greater than any physical system. By smartphone or tablet, you can access the document or information you need. This is essential for meetings or business travel. Even if you forget an important document, all you have to do is access the internet on your cell phone.


All your company information will be online, away from computers and mobile devices. So even if there is a hardware problem or natural disaster like fire, your data will be safe. You have backups of information, and your passwords are encrypted. Cloud storage uses firewall systems and barriers against intruders and other risk factors.

Low risk

Also, due to the security mentioned above, you don't run common risks like system crashes, corrupted files, and so on. All system maintenance is the work of the contracted company. It will provide you with the support you need, manage the system and facilitate all operations. In addition, the service offers to deliver data security.

That's why cloud storage is a technology that has come to change the market, and you should certainly apply it to your business soon. If you want to understand more about the cloud computing and the benefits that he will take to your company continue reading our blog!

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