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SaaS Management

Manage your SaaS assets on a single platform

SaaS Management

The price of a SaaS asset may look good, but the extra value can add up very quickly. There are some additional costs including extra users, integrations, customizations, third-party services, training and setup fees.  

When everything is properly organized, the forecast of costs and investments can be done correctly, which brings more security to the company, regardless of how much the financial complexity of your business increases, bringing greater competitiveness compared to other companies. 

4Matt automatically and continuously detects the SaaS applications used in your company, including those of Shadow IT, through a complete data analysis, so you have complete visibility into your company's SaaS assets.  


Gerencie Aplicativos SaaS com Eficiência - 4Matt Tecnologia

To address the risks, it is important for organizations to gain full visibility and understanding of their SaaS assets.

Get access to hundreds of deployed SaaS applications without IT staff approval 

Large companies have to manage hundreds of SaaS applications, mostly implemented by Business Units (BUs), without the approval and knowledge of IT teams. The IT industry has neither the vision nor the control over these decentralized SaaS applications. This creates real problems such as: 

  • Lack of insight into the actual IT budget; 
  • Uncontrolled risks; 
  • There is no effective collaboration between teams. 
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4Matt presents you with easy-to-understand recommendations in order of greatest impact. We provide a deeper understanding of usage across license tiers so you can quickly and easily gain insight.

How we help you optimize your SaaS contracts

  • Get a complete view of SaaS spend by combining SaaS spend, ERP and contract data in one place. 
  • Instantly access which apps people are using, which are wasted, and which overlap by department or function. 
  • Take instant action on any app, user or license without leaving the platform.
  • Work more simply and efficiently by deactivating unused accounts and reusing licenses. 


Ajuda na Otimização de Contratos SaaS - MattZero

Visualize the entire SaaS environment, with real and complete data


 Get a complete view of the assets used on a platform in a centralized way. 


Identify duplicate and/or decentralized licenses or contracts that have been purchased. 

complete information

Monitor your environment with a complete dashboard and track your assets in real time with dynamic graphs. 

Sync your SaaS assets with the rest of your IT ecosystem


Analyze the knowledge gaps between your different systems by synchronizing all the tools already used in the corporation. 


Reconcile data with complete and accurate data mapping. 


Feed your systems with accurate information, including detected Shadow SaaS and governance tools already in use. 

Full visibility into Microsoft 365

Office 365 license management is the smartest and most efficient way to reduce your costs. 

Here's an overview of MattZero's capabilities and its benefits for you. 

Dashboard de Visão de Licenças Microsoft 365 - MattZeero

Designing Asset Management Policies and Procedures

We set the IT Asset Management process to simplify, which allows for smooth and error-free management of IT assets within the organization based on ITIL best practices. 


Dashboard de Visão de Denylist - MattZero

Clear and centralized view

Deactivate unused accounts and reuse licenses. Analyze downtime trends to get the most out of your Office 365 investment.

Reuse your available licenses

Have the option to automatically allocate subscriptions following your company's usage policies – releasing the license to other users without purchasing more and without additional effort.

Track costs by area

Create ChargeBack reports of Microsoft 365 costs by department, Center of Cost or other business indicator.

Manage your contracts

Be prepared to renew contracts at any time, having an online view of costs and possible waste.  

Simple and intuitive interface for decision making

Quickly interface with your Microsoft 365 consumption data in a clear and simple way.

Automatic viewing of inactive users. 

MattZero automatically analyzes logins, usage and API activity to provide a list of users that can be disabled.

Increase productivity

All of the manual tracking work for Office 365 is now integrated and automated in one tool, MattZero.

Ready for quick results

Get started quickly with MattZero, a specialized tool for Office 365 that works on the SaaS model and doesn't require integration. It's ready to bring immediate results.

Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS Management refers to the control and administration of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and services used by an organization. This includes purchasing, provisioning, monitoring, securing, and optimizing these solutions. 



Benefits include greater control over application adoption, cost optimization, enhanced security, better alignment with organizational needs, and greater operational efficiency. 

SaaS Management is part of IT Governance, as it involves establishing policies, processes and procedures to ensure that SaaS applications are used in a controlled manner and aligned with the organization's objectives. 

SaaS Governance is intrinsically linked to data security, as it ensures that the SaaS applications and services used by the organization meet security, data protection and privacy requirements. 

Good SaaS Management strengthens cybersecurity by enabling the implementation of access policies, continuous monitoring, threat detection and data protection in SaaS applications. 

Start by mapping the SaaS applications used, assessing their security and compliance, establishing clear usage guidelines, engaging relevant teams, and considering adopting management tools to facilitate the SaaS management process.

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