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Cost control: how to apply in the IT sector?

controle de custosEvery company seeks to control costs. However, this must be done with great care. Cutting costs the wrong way can present big problems in the future, for example, eliminating tools that could be essential. So, to do this more safely, check out how to apply cost control in the IT sector.

Finding efficient solutions

Let's face it, IT costs aren't cheap. However, without them it is practically impossible to have a functioning company. The market, and the customers themselves, are technology dependent, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Controlling costs may be the ideal answer.

For example, one of the biggest costs of companies in the IT sector is with the employees themselves. In this case, making cuts can present a bigger problem than a solution..

Companies may be tempted to cut more senior employees to replace them with juniors. It's an immediate cost reduction, but it can be a big shot in the foot, because without the best employees, the work is hampered. So a tip is avoid as much as possible cut costs by cutting talent.

have as much information

So if you're going to look for other ways to control costs, you need to do this with as much information as possible. A good first step is establish certain metrics to measure the performance and return of activities carried out within the sector. This is a more efficient way to control and cut costs.

For example, ROI is a very basic KPI that allows you to calculate the return on investment made in the industry. Its formula is very simple and it gives a very basic idea of how much IT contributes to the whole. This KPI helps you understand industry performance globally, despite being more “generic”.

already the Mean Time to Repair, is an example of a slightly more specific metric that helps determine the time a problem is reported to the industry, until it is resolved.

Anyway, there are several metrics that can be implemented within the industry.. Thus, it is possible to measure performance and control costs with those who are performing below expectations.

Use the right environment for your infrastructure

Another major source of costs for the IT sector is its infrastructure. After all, it is necessary to have all the necessary functionalities for the company to carry out its activities. But one way to control costs is to choose and size the ideal environment.

Currently, there are 3 types of environments that can store an IT structure, the on premises, the cloud and the hybrid. As these technologies are still new, it is common for companies not to have an exact idea of what is the advantage of each one and how they can be applied in an ideal way for each business.

It is also important to have compliance measures, to ensure that each platform is used optimally, safely and without waste.

Controlling costs within the IT industry is extremely important and there is no need to sacrifice productivity. Want to know better how to do this? So, go to our website and check the contents and if you have any questions, please contact one of our consultants!

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