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Success story – LAM Licensing Compliance

Discover how partnering with 4Matt helped the company close a giant GAP in just one year




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The Secret Behind the Project

In the dynamic business scenario, the ability to face challenges and transform obstacles into opportunities is the essence of corporate resilience. In a context marked by innovation, a company global reference found himself facing an imminent financial challenge, unknown to most of his team. The “Unraveling the 17 Million GAP Project” has emerged as a key catalyst to redefine not only internal practices but also to strengthen organizational culture. This is the story of a stunning turnaround, where a financial threat turned into a journey of success, innovation and collaboration. 

Technical and cultural difficulties

The team by 4Matt, was faced with substantial technical and cultural challenges. The lack of mature management of software installations in company made remediation a repetitive activity. Each victory in cleaning the environment was followed by the constant concern that new undue installations could occur without due control.. The IT team faced the difficult task of adjust the volume of remediations within of the client's policies, platform and processes, where they did not have SAM maturity.  

"I like the way 4Matt proposes solutions, based on partnership. That's why I nominated her for the asset management project in the project."
- Customer Feedback
Unplanned Risks and Fines

Ignorance of the financial gap represented not only an operational difficulty, but also a substantial risk for the sector. Lack of effective software asset management could result in unexpected fines and affect the planned budget for other projects and improvements of the customer. 

The project

4Matt's performance with the SAM of the customer addressed current risks transforming them in opportunities of improvement. The implementation of agile practices and close collaboration between the Agility and IT teams not only corrected the identified deficiencies but also strengthened the organizational culture. Transparency and effective communication now they're part dsoftware asset management, providing a clear vision and strict control over their licensing..

"I want to congratulate the 4Matt team for the quality of deliveries and the way they provide support in particular. The value generation is visible. Keep it up!"
- Customer Feedback

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