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Success story – M365 License Dashboard

Discover how partnering with 4Matt helped the company reduce expenses and optimize the distribution of M365 licenses




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M365 License Dashboard

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The need for an innovative project

Amidst the dynamics and complexity of managing M365 licenses in a reference company in the food sector, the need for a clear and optimized view of the use of these resources arose. Given the significant challenges in this scenario, the 4Matt team began a partnership with the company to develop an innovative solution: an M365 License Management Dashboard. 

Challenges and objectives

The main challenge consisted of optimizing licensing, identifying precisely who used Microsoft licenses and which type would be most appropriate for each user. It was imperative to study users to assign licenses efficiently, generating savings. 

Specific objectives included gaining visibility into individual usage of M365 products, analyzing frequency of usage, and defining best suited licensing strategies. The goal was not only to monitor, but also to effectively control licensing, avoiding unnecessary surpluses. 

"I believe that the entire 4Matt team is very dedicated and attentive."
- Customer Feedback
Obstacles and metrics

The main obstacle was faced when the need for the first Excel report arose. The team acted in a collaborative spirit, working intensively to create a temporary solution. This agile approach allowed the project to continue moving forward, even in the face of initial challenges, as 4Matt adapted to the client's needs and changes. 

The success of the project was measured by positive customer feedback and the observation of the percentage deficit in licenses, reflecting the effective de-allocation and savings generated. 

Customizations and Adaptations

Over time, the team made visual adaptations to the dashboard as needs evolved. Modifications to graphs and data presentation have been implemented to meet changing demands. 

Lesson Learned and customer feedback

A valuable lesson was learning how to optimize the scenario and replicate the management model developed for other clients. The team realized that the improvements made could be applied in different contexts, extending the benefits beyond the initial project. 

Positive customer feedback reflects the most significant benefit of the project: the ability to better organize, optimize licensing and gain efficiency in software asset management. The dashboard has become an essential tool, monitored even by the organization's directors. 

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