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Success story – Dashboard for SaaS management

See how the partnership with 4Matt helped the company manage and control SaaS assets




Real estate


1000 – 5000


Dashboard for SaaS Management


Significant reduction in operational costs, optimizing investments based on accurate, real-time analysis.

Process Optimization

Transformation of operational processes, resulting in a culture of continuous improvement with more agile and effective operations

Control of Contracted Assets

Full control over your SaaS assets, enabling proactive management, compliance and rapid identification of optimization opportunities.

How a Custom Dashboard helped optimize cost management in SaaS contracts

In a dynamic business scenario, efficient cost management becomes imperative. 4Matt, committed to innovation and the incessant search for transformative solutions, developed a project with a reference Startup in the market: The development of the “Dashboard for Cost Management in SaaS Contracts”. This report, without revealing the company's identity, highlights how the adoption of a personalized dashboard revolutionized the way we view financial management, especially in contracts related to Software as a Service (SaaS). 

Initial challenges and strategy

When starting the project, we faced a significant challenge: creating a tool that would allow accurate cost management in SaaS contracts, a complex task given the diversity of these contracts. Our ITAM and agility team played a crucial role in designing the dashboard structure, ensuring that it provided relevant insights into spending, predicting and avoiding potential waste. 

The agility team focused on multidisciplinary collaboration. Working closely with the client to understand their needs, the IT Asset Management (ITAM) team to ensure data integrity and the EBI development team to create an intuitive interface, the project quickly evolved from an idea to a viable solution . 

Agile methodology and adaptations

Agile methodology, particularly the Scrum framework, has become the backbone of development. In an environment where demands were fluid and innovation was constant, the team carried out weekly sprints, ensuring iterative deliveries. This enabled an agile response to customer feedback, continually refining the tool to meet evolving expectations. 

The project faced unexpected challenges as it grew exponentially. The agility team demonstrated flexibility in adapting Scrum to accommodate a growing number of SaaS contracts. The ability to adjust to changing circumstances allowed the project to maintain its original course despite unforeseen challenges. 

Continuous feedback and quick adjustments

The agility team’s receptiveness to feedback was fundamental. Constant dialogue with the client was incorporated into sprint meetings, where every detail of the dashboard was presented and refined. Negative feedback was seen as opportunities for improvement, pushing the team to make quick adjustments and continuous refinements. 

In addition to developing a technically robust tool, the team focused on regular interactions with end users. Sprint meetings were not just about technical aspects, but also about how the tool was meeting users' practical needs. This approach ensured that the dashboard was a truly user-centric solution. 


The “Dashboard for Cost Management in SaaS Contracts” transcended expectations. Not only has it provided a holistic view of spending on SaaS contracts, but it has also become an indispensable tool in strategic decision-making. The company has not only optimized its resources, but also consolidated its position as a leader at the forefront of efficient cost management in an increasingly digital world. 

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