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Ensure efficient management of IT assets

Through our ITAM and SAM experts, we offer solutions aimed at the efficient management of technology and software assets, ensuring legal compliance, optimizing licenses and reducing unnecessary costs.

Additionally, our FinOps expertise allows us to collaborate with IT and finance teams to establish sound financial practices in the cloud, ensuring efficient use of resources and avoiding spending surprises.

By combining these approaches, we enable our customers to confidently navigate the complex IT and cloud landscape, achieving efficiency, savings and strategic alignment.

Conheça os Serviços Profissionais da 4Matt Tecnologia, focados na gestão eficiente de ativos de TI

Software Asset Management - ITAM

Ensure control and transparency over your Software contracts


Analyze spending to reduce waste and costs in the cloud

Cloud Automation and Orchestration - ITOM

Maximize efficiency and agility in the cloud, facing the challenges of the digital world

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