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Microsoft Teams Free – Covid-19

As more people and organizations around the world are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, Microsoft will help organizations stay connected with employees and business partners, even when people may need to work remotely.

Microsoft Teams is a tool that provides a modern conversational experience for today's teams. It supports not only persistent chats but also threaded conversations to keep everyone involved. Team chats are, by default, visible to the whole team, but there is, of course, the option of private discussions.

Fights the Dissemination of COVID-19

Therefore, for a limited time they made the Microsoft Teams free for all organizations, to support customers' collaboration needs, from quick calling, broadcasting, video conferencing and chatting with colleagues, to simply keeping teams working together.

“Now you can access the teams of existing Office 365, but we want to ensure that during that time, all of our customers have access to our technology, which is why we're announcing the six-month free team trial through CSP for companies with up to 1000 employees. This trial has a set of additional features and can be later converted to Office 365.”

Alternatively, customers can opt for the free version of Teams, with up to 300 users, with limited functionality.

  • The free version of Teams is also available. here.

we of 4matt technology We believe that measures such as these are essential to guarantee the safety of our clients' employees and maintain the productivity of our teams.

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