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SaaS Governance

Manage your SaaS assets on a single platform

4Matt oversees the day-to-day operations of your SaaS assets. You have access to centralized information, with knowledge of the entire environment, to manage usage, optimize contracts and assess the risks associated with your organization. 

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Smoothly manage SaaS applications

Large companies typically need to manage hundreds of SaaS applications, deployed in a decentralized manner. IT teams do not have the vision or control over these decentralized SaaS applications.  

To properly manage and deliver value to organizations, IT staff must engage the BU manager and/or SaaS contract owner so they can be the primary point of contact between IT and the employees using the applications. 

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Assess all the risks of your SaaS assets

Gain access to specific risk information based on standard and custom scoring criteria (data privacy, security, compliance). Implement and orchestrate action plans to reduce security and data threats thanks to a collaborative workflow. 

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Improve data and save time, the corporation's internal collaboration, presenting real and reliable data. 

Workflows for risk assessment and mitigation protecting the corporation from data breaches, cyber attacks, etc. 

Work simply and efficiently. Eliminate idle accounts and reuse Office 365 licenses.

Control and save on SaaS expenses.



Get a single, detailed view of everything you own and use, so you can make decisions about where to optimize and eliminate duplicate licensing. 

Manage your assets through a single platform

4Matt supports you in tracking and monitoring your SaaS portfolios and associated spend, adoption and usage. 

Ensure the right people have access to the right licenses, plan for future licensing needs with accurate and correct data, provide centralized reporting on user activity across multiple instances, and enable workflows to retrieve or reassign licenses . 

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Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS Governance is a set of practices and policies that aim to control and manage the use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and services in an organization. This includes procurement, integration, security, compliance and optimization of these solutions. 

SaaS Governance is important for maintaining organization security, preventing uncontrolled application proliferation, ensuring compliance with regulations and internal policies, and optimizing costs and performance. 


Challenges include tracking SaaS applications used across the organization, complying with security and privacy policies, integrating with existing systems, and coordinating between IT and management teams. 

SaaS Governance is intrinsically linked to data security, as it ensures that the SaaS applications and services used by the organization meet security, data protection and privacy requirements. 

SaaS management tools let you track and monitor SaaS application usage, assess security risks, control compliance, and automate approval processes. 

Start by mapping the SaaS applications in use, assessing risks and compliance requirements, establishing clear policies, engaging relevant team owners, and considering adopting SaaS management tools to automate the governance process.

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