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Software Licensing: Understand Your Application

Software is increasingly important in the times we live in, as it makes a company not only function properly, but also become more efficient and productive. That's why we decided to talk about Software Licensing.

This is the case with Microsoft Windows and Office. Have you ever thought how inefficient and unproductive it would be not to have this solution today that has profoundly changed the way organizations operate?
But it is not just owning the “software”, it is essential that it is licensed because it cannot become a problem for the company. Better understand the importance of relying on software licensing by following the reading!

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Software licensing: what is it?

Software licensing can be understood as the process by which the developer company allows or authorizes another organization or individual to use its technology. For this, it provides a code that must be inserted in the indicated place when the professional is installing the technology in the device, which can be a computer or cell phone, for example.
Software licenses are generally limited to a single use right. For example, if your company purchased the Windows 10, it can only be used by a single device and not concurrently.

How important is software licensing for your company?

Software licensing is the guarantee that the company is not only acting in accordance with the law, that is, respecting the legislation with regard to intellectual property, but also ensuring that your data is properly protected.

Another very important point is the optimization of software costs, when done using good governance, according to studies by the Gartner.

It may be a crime to use unlicensed software

In other words, if the company uses software without its original license, it may be liable for a crime and, because of that, be penalized.
It is very common for organizations to use unlicensed software and not even realize it.

Therefore, in a situation like this, it is most recommended to have a managed software cost management service that is able to carry out a complete survey of the software that the company uses to later check if they are in accordance with the contracts of software.

See software asset management best practices by ABES. 

Your company's data could be vulnerable

Another thing that can happen, which we've already talked about, is the company's data being at risk, as it may have some malicious virus that was installed in the software just to gather information about your business operations.

The ideal is to buy original software, which already come with the installation and authorization license, so that the brand can continue to grow without any setbacks, as there is nothing worse for an organization's image than having to explain justice for misuse of the software.
Would you like to have better software cost management in your company? In case of a positive answer, then don't hesitate to let us know. contact!

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