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Software governance: Know the importance of this process for companies

governança de software
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Increasingly, companies depend on technology. It is undeniable that solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and several others allow processes to be more sophisticated and efficient than ever. On the other hand, they create a relationship of dependence, which makes measures necessary to guarantee the optimal functioning of these resources. Therefore, the software governance is a fundamental process for companies.

What is software governance?

THE software governance it is a fundamental concept, which is a much better known evolution of corporate governance. This more traditional term involves the relationships between each part of a company, ensuring that all key points are being fulfilled as expected. This involves, for example, ensuring that financial resources are well spent, making sure that production processes or customer interaction are executed to perfection, and so on.

Software governance is a similar process that evolved from this idea. As the name implies, your goal is ensure that the software companies use is in line with their needs and goals.

Given the number of companies that depend on ERP, CRM, software, cloud environments and several others, combined with the wide range of solutions on the market, it is clear why this governance process is so important.

The Importance of Software Governance

This process is important because each company has its need, your expectation and your use for the software. Features that are important to one may not need another. That's how the market works.

Of course, the first function of software governance is ensure that they are operating at their maximum capacity.. Maintaining and updating as needed and having a communication with the service provider to clarify any potential issues is important, but it is also just the most superficial aspect of this discipline.

Finding and evaluating the ideal software

software governance process ideal starts even before the solution is contracted. The company must map all its needs, in order to be able to compare them with the solutions available on the market. So you can find the ideal software for your needs.

As stated above, there are numerous software options according to the necessity. There are those prepared with a specific industry in mind and those that focus on companies of a certain size. Whatever the situation, the job of governance involves finding the right option.

Every year Gartner releases its Magic Quadrant of Software Asset Management Tools, which can be found on several SAM tools websites or directly on the website. Gartner. 

Once implemented, the ideal solution to software governance work is to evaluate your performance to determine if, in fact, it meets the expectations and needs of the company.

As much as there is a lot of research and effort to find the ideal software, it is only during its use that it is possible to determine its efficiency. Therefore, there needs to be a very close monitoring of governance to understand how the performance is doing. With this, the following objectives are fulfilled:

  • Greater cost reduction;
  • Data protection guarantee;
  • Greater productivity;
  • Easier access to information.

THE software governance It is a fundamental practice for companies to make sure resources are being used to their fullest potential. Want to know more about other digital compliance disciplines? so subscribe to our newsletter to receive even more content!

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