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How to improve my IT environment

ambiente de TIIf there is one point on which CIOs and managers agree without blinking, it is that IT performance must be improved. With this, we maintain an agile and efficient sector, capable of facing the high competitiveness of the market. Aiming for this objective, however, does not prevent many from asking themselves “How to improve my IT environment”?

There are a number of measures that can be taken in this regard. Some are about the infrastructure itself, others are about your team's morale. Remember that for those businesses that deal with large data flows, efficient infrastructure also becomes a matter of compliance.

In this case, because a good environment is a preponderant factor to ensure information security. A scenario that also understands the need for a technical team that is not only qualified, but engaged in problem solving. Measures that help improve your IT environment and achieving these goals you see below.

How to improve my IT environment? Find out in 5 basic tips

• Search for infrastructure errors

The good IT environment starts to be built when we mitigate its mistakes. At first, you should identify which are the most frequent problems facing the industry. In some cases, it is enough to structure new processes to resolve the issue.

As for the diagnosis of problems, it can be done by questioning your team or evaluating the most frequent calls in the Help Desk. From this it is possible to implement efficient methods for correcting errors.

• Do not neglect equipment maintenance.

At first this may sound like an obvious warning, but make no mistake. The biggest mistake companies make with regard to maintenance is not carefully determining its frequency. It is the adequate frequency that will allow the premature identification of failures that can generate unavailability and losses.

The environment must be aligned with the business needs and your team must be involved in the IT goals

• Align the IT environment with the business needs

Ensuring that equipment and systems are in perfect working order is one of the essential paths for a good IT environment. However, the technology must be aligned with the company's needs, that is, every investment and modification in this item must make sense for your business.

Often the answer of “how to improve my IT environment” may involve the adoption of differentiated features. The use of cloud services, for example, has the potential to improve a company's backup activities. Assess your needs carefully to make the decisions that make the most sense for your business.

• Involve the team and monitor signs of Burnout

Your IT environment may be impeccable, but it will still depend on your team's performance. So good management of this environment implies involving employees in the sector's goals. Cascading goals, for example, provide greater governance.

Important: moving away from the traditional method of assigning goals, you will be able to value the contributions of each team member. Another important detail is to monitor Burnout. After all, as good as hard work is, it shouldn't lead to exhaustion. Mainly because this is a state that will increase the incidence of human error.

An IT consultancy is something to consider

• An IT consultancy can help

Despite the explosion of technologies and new digital products boosting the careers of IT professionals, the answers to the question of “how to improve my IT environment” often need to come from outside your company. A consultancy will analyze the area, pointing out the best way to integrate and optimize processes. Want to know more about this alternative? So take the opportunity to get in touch with one of our consultants!

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