COBIT 2019: Supplier Management (APO10)

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Managed Suppliers

Manage IT-related products and services from all types of vendors to meet business requirements. This includes supplier sourcing and selection, relationship management, contract management, and review and monitoring of supplier performance and ecosystem (including upstream supply chain) for effectiveness and compliance.


Optimize available I&T resources to support your I&T strategy and roadmap, minimize the risk associated with unsatisfactory or non-compliant suppliers, and ensure competitive pricing.

management practices

APO10.01 Identify and evaluate supplier relationships and contracts.

Continuously search and identify suppliers and categorize them by type, importance and criticality. Establish criteria for evaluating suppliers and contracts. Review the overall portfolio of existing and alternative suppliers and contracts.

APO10.02 Select vendors.

Select suppliers according to a fair and formal practice to ensure a viable best fit based on specified requirements. Requirements must be optimized with input from potential vendors.

APO10.03 Manage supplier relationships and contracts.

Formalize and manage the relationship with each supplier. Manage, maintain and monitor contracts and service provision. Ensure that new or amended contracts comply with company standards and legal and regulatory requirements. Dealing with contractual disputes.

APO10.04 Manage supplier risk.

Identify and manage risks related to suppliers' ability to continuously provide safe, efficient and effective service delivery. This also includes subcontractors or upstream suppliers that are relevant in providing services from the direct supplier.

APO10.05 Monitor supplier performance and compliance.

Periodically review the supplier's overall performance, compliance with contract requirements, and cost-effectiveness. Address identified issues.


ITCM contract management

The global management and control of the operation of formal contracts for the supply of products and services.

Translated by 4Matt Technology from the original Process Symphony: Vendors Management - APO10 (COBIT2019)

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