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COBIT 2019: Configuration Management (BAI10) 

managed configuration

Define and maintain descriptions and relationships between key resources and capabilities needed to deliver I&T-enabled services. Include collects configuration information, establishing baselines, verifying and auditing configuration information, and updating the configuration repository.


Provide sufficient information about service assets to enable the service to be managed effectively. Assess the impact of changes and handle service incidents.

management practices

BAI10.01 Establish and maintain a configuration model.

Establish and maintain a logical model of the services, assets, infrastructure, and registry Configuration Items (CIs), including the relationships between them. Include the CIs deemed necessary to manage services effectively and provide a single, authoritative description of the assets in a service.

BAI10.02 Establish and maintain a configuration repository and baseline.

Establish and maintain a configuration management repository and create controlled configuration baselines.

BAI10.03 Maintain and control configuration items.

Maintain an up-to-date repository of configuration items (CIs) by populating all configuration changes.

BAI10.04 Produce status and configuration reports.

Define and produce configuration reports on status changes of configuration items.

BAI10.05 Check and review the integrity of the configuration repository.

Periodically review the configuration repository and verify that it is complete and correct for the intended destination.

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CFMG configuration management

The planning, management, control and governance of organizational, project and service assets and artifacts. The identification, classification and specification of Configuration Items (CIs) and their interrelationships. Identify the configuration and version of source code, software, systems, documents and service dependent CIs at different times. Systematically track configuration changes and maintain configuration integrity and traceability throughout the project, system, and/or service lifecycle. Identify and document functional and physical characteristics of CIs, track changes to these characteristics, record and report change processing and implementation status. Verification and auditing of CIs for data quality and compliance with specified internal and external requirements.

Translated by 4Matt Technology from the original Process Symphony: Configuration Management - BAI10 (COBIT2019)

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