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Software Asset Management news in the Vancouver version

Confira o que há de novo em Software Asset management Vancouver

ServiceNow® Software Asset Management (SAM) provides an easy-to-use platform for SAM teams to improve risk management, optimize spend, and automate software lifecycle processes. This solution enables precise control over software and cloud investments by providing instant visibility into unlicensed deployments, license recovery options, and actionable software positions categorized by publishers. This enables a proactive approach to managing software and cloud expenses, offering the flexibility to take immediate action or automate cost-saving measures to bolster financial budgets.

In the version Now Platform® SAM Vancouver, ServiceNow brought even more improvements compared to the previous version Utah , three key features differentiate ServiceNow Software Asset Management:

  1. Success Guides and Guided Experience
  2. Overlapping usage
  3. Software Bill of Materials Management

Success Guides and Guided Experience

Software asset managers face challenges in simplifying installation and ensuring accurate configurations, especially for Microsoft Server and SQL Server. This feature provides a step-by-step process, guiding users to view prerequisite configurations, quickly run them, and verify correctness. It helps ensure data accuracy across all areas of the business and quick configuration for greater efficiency.

Guias de sucesso e experiência guiada
Source: ServiceNow

Overlapping use or Overlapping usage

From the perspective of a Software Asset Manager, the challenges faced by CTOs and Architects resonate deeply. Insufficient data poses obstacles in optimizing application overlay and planning for the future. They aim to consolidate, minimize costs, mitigate technology debt and reduce risk. By integrating software usage data, these goals come into sharper focus. This approach equips enterprise architects with invaluable insights for efficient rationalization and strategic planning, helping to reduce unnecessary expenses. This data synergy can also be effectively leveraged together with ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management, promoting a holistic approach to SAM Vancouver version software management.

Uso sobreposto - ServiceNow Vancouver
 Source: ServiceNow

Software Bill of Materials Management

From a Software Asset Manager's perspective, the challenges faced by SecOps and Security teams are a good place where they can help. Lack of comprehensive information about vulnerabilities and shared software components creates gaps in security readiness. Here, software asset managers can step in as key allies, offering a centralized and rapid approach to dealing with security breaches. The solution synergizes Software Asset Management with SecOps, facilitating a direct link to the bill of materials for the affected software. This connection effectively tracks the presence of vulnerabilities in the software and its corresponding components through the vulnerability response dashboard. This collaborative approach simplifies remediation workflows, enabling timely and effective actions to strengthen security measures.

Gerenciamento de lista de materiais de software
Source: ServiceNow

There is much more to Software Asset Management SAM Vancouver

Being out of compliance or facing audits is one thing, but requests for cost reductions from management are another. ServiceNow constantly monitors software usage, providing cost-saving recommendations. Workflows recover licenses, eliminate unnecessary software, and optimize purchases based on business needs.

SaaS insights optimize economics and governance. Manage SaaS licenses to eliminate waste, reduce overlap, and restore or downgrade licenses. ServiceNow Cloud Cost Management complements Software Asset Management and is part of the Software Asset Management Enterprise offering, providing holistic views of cloud spend, resource entitlements, policy automation and optimization.

Additional features of this SAM Vancouver release include:

Feature/Capacity Description
Microsoft 365 SaaS optimization enhancements New M365 and Office 365 optimization recommendations with expanded optimization suggestions to help reduce costs and efficiency. This update provides optimization with dual license recovery candidates, consolidation candidates, and package recovery candidates in SAM Vancouver.
Adobe Cloud Optimization Enhancements New Adobe Cloud recovery rules and optimization recommendations with expanded recoveries and optimization suggestions to help reduce costs and efficiency. Recovery rules include user downgrade, consolidation, and subscription recovery.
Advanced rights management Collection of enhancements to improve rights management, including copy allocations and import improvements. It provides SAM managers with a better experience with entitlement management with expanded features such as copying allocations between entitlements, supporting user or device allocations, and validating entitlements and quantities. It also improves entitlement import by using a spreadsheet to facilitate entitlement creation in SAM Vancouver.
Consumption rule enhancements for global entities Enhanced consumption rule definitions to include parent/child hierarchy for company, cost center, and department. It expanded consumption rule capabilities to manage complex licensing scenarios.
SAP Custom Price List Import Ability to import customer specific price lists and incorporate negotiated price details into the Asset Management Software. It provides SAM managers the ability to use a customized price list for precise SAP licensing and compliance analysis needs.
Microsoft Windows Server Enhancement Track and manage Microsoft Server licensing across virtualized and physical environments in accordance with new Microsoft licensing changes.

Users can now license at the virtual machine level instead of the host level as long as they have an active subscription or Software Assurance at SAM Vancouver.


Did you know that 4Matt Tecnologia is a specialized partner in ITAM and ITOM of ServiceNow? If you need assistance with the new update, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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