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Flexera Software was a global leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in the years 2018 and 2019 in Software Asset Management solutions (Software Asset Management SAM) and Software License Optimization. Its solutions allow companies to gain visibility and control of IT assets.

As a direct result, companies achieve reduced software costs and maintain ongoing compliance with the manufacturer. These capabilities are delivered as a comprehensive suite of software asset management solutions on the Flexera platform.

Few people know, but the current Flexera was the software division of Rovi Corp. (At the time, Rovi was still called Macrovision). On April 1, 2008, Macrovision sold its Acresso software division to investment fund Thoma Bravo. 

In October 2009, Acresso Software, Inc. became Flexera Software. The company has been in the market for 31 years (since 1987), it has more than 80 thousand customers.

Flexera software

key markets and product features:

Flexera's main markets are North America and Europe.

Flexera offers products in seven categories: application readiness, application installation, software analysis, software license optimization, software monetization and software vulnerability management. The company's most important solutions include:

  • Flexera AdminStudio: Control dashboard for updates, new versions, new applications, Windows 10 migrations and virtualization projects; The Flexera Application Management Platform does automated work with multiple application deployment tasks.
  • Flexera Corporate Software Inspector: Continuous identification of vulnerable applications and application of security patches. Vulnerability intelligence from the Flexera platform is used to assess more than 22,000 applications.
  • FlexNet Publisher (Formerly known as FLEXlm): is a software license manager that is intended to be used in enterprise environments to provide floating license control to various end users.
  • Flexera Application Risk Mapping Module for AdminStudio: 90% of cyber attacks on applications target their vulnerabilities. Users can defend against most of these attacks with preemptive actions; this module keeps users aware of application vulnerabilities since their deployment.
  • Flexera Lifecycle Application Packaging and Application Readiness:  Platform that “bundles” an application from its creation, development, testing, QA and delivery (technical deployment), maintaining control over changes and patch management throughout its lifecycle.
  • Flexera IT Service Management: Allows users to simplify operations and maintenance tasks, in addition to automating and standardizing information technology and business processes;
  • Flexera Workflow Manager: Standardizes, simplifies, automates, and coordinates application management throughout the asset lifecycle.
  • Flexera Asset Lifecycle Manager: Allows users to manage IT and business processes with consolidated asset configuration; 


Flexera for Software Asset Management (Software Asset Management SAM)

Medium and large business customers looking for a robust platform for SAM (Software Asset Management, software asset management) and a license optimization solution should definitely add Flexera to their Short List for consideration.

Flexera customers have dynamic and continuous control over their licensing position and optimized financial position to make smart IT and business decisions.

FlexNet Manager Suite is a competitive solution in the SAM market.

Flexera FlexNet Manager and IT (information technology) asset management solutions manage and optimize enterprise software regardless of location: from the desktop to the data center to the cloud.

Flexera supports customers in controlling and reducing spending on Adobe, Autodesk IBM ILMT, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Symantec and SAP applications.

FLEXERA - FlexNet Management for Desktops

With the ability to optimize software licenses on desktops, laptops and other client devices, FlexNet Manager for Clients automatically enforces product use rights acquired through software license agreements from desktop vendors such as: Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft and Symantec.

Product use rights can dramatically affect the number of licenses consumed by an organization, so they should be considered to minimize costs and ensure compliance with the software license and manufacturer.

Flexnet Manager for Clients Capability:

  • Allows you to optimize license consumption to reduce software costs;
  • Increases ability to proactively manage and track software license compliance;
  • Reduces the risk of unbudgeted true-up expenses;
  • Improves supplier negotiations with better visibility and forecast;
  • Reduces software maintenance and support expenses;
  • Track application usage to reclaim licenses, streamline renewals, and reduce denials of service;
  • It supports a SAM CoE (Center of Excellence in Software Asset Management).

Main advantages

  • The platform's 'What If' analysis capabilities allow organizations to see the impact of hardware and software changes on their license position before the changes are made.
  • Includes the extensive Application Recognition Library content with recognition rules to identify software — including publisher, title, version, and edition — for more than 304,309 software titles from 17,979 publishers across multiple platforms.

FLEXERA - FlexNet Manager for Datacenter

The governance of Datacenter It is always a complex matter, with several platforms to manage. FlexNet Manager for Data Centers helps customers gain control over their Datacenter assets, improving visibility and insight for all IT assets, in addition to providing simple, easy-to-access dashboards.

 Flexnet manager for Datacenters capability:

  • Collect an accurate and comprehensive inventory of complex and critical data center applications on any platform;
  • Manages and reduces spending on data center applications from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, VMware and others;
  • Automates complex SAM processes to reduce manual effort and save time;
  • Collects inventory of software running in containers;
  • Responds to SPLA Microsoft and VMware Cloud Provider Program VCP licensing reports.

Main advantages of Flexera:

  • Support for license models ® IBM (PVU), (UVU), (RVU), Authorized User, Concurrent User and Floating User (Authorized User, Concurrent User and Floating User);
  • Support for a wide range of Microsoft license models, including server + CAL, processor, SPLA and Core-based licenses;
  • Optimization of Microsoft CALs (client access license);
  • Automated license reconciliation for Oracle® Database, E-Business Suite, WebLogic and other products;
  • Container management, increasing efficiency and scale to optimize software in your IT environment both on-premises and in the cloud.

A more detailed review of Flexenet Manager

user experience

The user interface and experience has been greatly improved in the last few years. Interpretation of business and compliance reports has also improved; FlexNet Manager provides a solid layer of business contract information based on technical and purchasing data. Of course, any information presented in FlexNet Manager can be drilled down to further investigation.


Flexera Software recently acquired Secunia, which provides visibility and risk assessments of software vulnerabilities on desktops and servers. ITAM, ITSM and INFOSEC IT Management disciplines are converging on the platform.

For customers who are creating a platform for monitoring and optimizing software consumption (software asset management), it is important to assess such vulnerabilities, especially for the long tail of applications that can fall under the radar of the usual list of “updating” patches.

The addition of Secunia to the Flexera portfolio completes the triangle, which now features off-the-shelf software management, asset management and security around applications. Flexera's application recognition library already has 180,000 software titles, while its Product Use Rights libraries include license features such as processor point tables (PVU), upgrade and downgrade rights, mobility rights ( license mobility), among others.

continuous innovation

Flexera's recent innovation includes managing costs and utilization of Amazon Web Services' cloud infrastructure (via FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure), as well as developing its App Portal enterprise app store offering.

One of the key capabilities is to delegate software responsibility to end customers/users through their own login (the feature is called MyApps in the App Portal), ie much like the app store personal login on your own device , the feature allows the user to download or select apps to be uninstalled.

Flexera's App Portal product allows users to order a wide range of authorized apps, including SaaS apps such as Salesforce and Box, as well as desktop and mobile apps. Some of Flexera's competitors also offer single-signal solutions to automate SaaS delivery from an app store.

The Enterprise Market

Flexera's competitors are moving closer to the Enterprise SAM space and some of Flexera's competitive differentiators, such as Oracle verification, are based on verification by software publishers rather than genuine technological innovation. Feedback from Flexera customers on Tools Advisor Gartner suggests that updates and improvements can be laborious.

As the SAM market continues to evolve and SAM tools become increasingly competitive and harder to differentiate, Flexera needs to continue to prove its ability to execute and deliver returns for large companies.

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