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COBIT 2019: Asset Management (BAI09)

Managed Assets

Manage I&T assets throughout their lifecycle to ensure their use provides value at an optimal cost, remains operational (fit for purpose), and is accounted for and physically secured. Ensure that assets that are critical to supporting service capacity are reliable and available.

Manage software licenses to ensure that the optimal number is acquired, retained, and deployed against required business use and that installed software complies with license agreements.


Account for all I&T assets and optimize the value provided by their use.

management practices

BAI09.01 Identify and record current assets.

Maintain an up-to-date and accurate record of all I&T assets that are necessary to provide services and that are owned or controlled by the organization with the expectation of future benefits (including resources with economic value such as hardware or software). Ensure alignment with configuration management and financial management.

BAI09.02 Manage Critical Assets.

Identify assets that are critical in providing service capability. Maximize your reliability and availability to meet business needs.

BAI09.03 Manage the asset lifecycle.

Manage assets from acquisition to disposal. Ensure that assets are used as effectively and efficiently as possible and are accounted for and physically protected until they are properly retired.

BAI09.04 Optimize asset value.

Regularly review the overall asset base to identify ways to optimize value in line with business needs.

BAI09.05 Manage Licenses.

Manage software licenses to maintain the optimal number of licenses and meet business requirements. Ensure that the number of licenses you own is sufficient to cover the installed software in use.

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ASMG Asset Management

Lifecycle management of all managed assets (hardware, software, intellectual property, licenses, warranties, etc.), including security, inventory, compliance, use and disposal, aiming to protect the corporate asset portfolio, optimize the total cost of ownership and sustainability, minimizing operating costs, improving investment decisions and capitalizing on potential opportunities. Knowledge and use of international standards for asset management and close integration with security, change and configuration management are examples of improved asset management development.

Installation/deactivation of HSIN systems

The installation, testing, implementation or decommissioning and removal of cabling, wiring, equipment, hardware and associated software, following plans and instructions and in accordance with agreed standards. Testing hardware and software components, troubleshooting and recording results. The report details installed hardware and software so that configuration management records can be updated.

Translated by 4Matt Technology from the original Process Symphony: Assets Management - BAI09 (COBIT2019)

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