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Manage your SAP licenses

Are you sure you have the correct SAP licenses?

A company's SAP environment is a huge network of modules, engines and user accounts that are reconfigured almost daily.

With so many changes, it's challenging to ensure your business only pays for the licenses you need.

Our role is to provide clear information to determine individual license usage for each SAP engine and package and simulate contract and license changes as well as migration to S/4HANA.

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reduce costs

Our customers saved an average of 10% in costs by optimizing their SAP licenses in an initial period of 03 months.

Keep Compliance

Get diagnostics of your SAP platform usage versus SAP audit data (such as LAW and USMM) to always be in compliance with the terms of the contract.


Create automated processes for SAP governance – such as allocating licenses, withdrawing unused licenses, and assigning lowest cost named users.

Take control of SAP contracts with our consulting services

Our professionals are subject matter experts. Our consultancy will help you understand your company's SAP environments, manage costs, analyze and identify areas of optimization, to significantly reduce risks

Analyzing and optimizing SAP licenses

Our SAP consulting services provide license optimization based on actual transactions taking place in connected SAP systems and engines, which can be fully automated if desired. 

Our service automatically generates license reports, removes improperly assigned licenses, inactive users, and allocates optimal license types based on actual used transactions.

The service allows extensive customization options to map all the details of an SAP license agreement, including prices, ratio rules, custom licenses, transactions, business objects and other engines. 

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How do we support you in the governance of SAP contracts?

Cost Optimization

Reduction of the allocated SAP amount; user types are optimized for the actual behavior of the SAP contract

Reduce compliance risks

Reduced compliance risks, automatic audit of all engines on all systems centrally. Always ready for a SAP Audit, knowing the result before the results are received

Increase SAP contract efficiency

Reduction of administrative expenses; automatic consolidation and optimization of SAP licenses across all connected SAP systems

assertive decisions

More accurate overview of current license inventory and future licensing requirements. 

Cut SAP costs, maintain vendor compliance

What is possible and not possible to do in the governance of your SAP contract? From analyzing indirect access to negotiating contracts, our SAP experts know what has worked for other companies and can share these best practices with yours.