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Understand your company’s positioning in relation to market prices

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Discover the efficiency of our Software Licensing Part Number Benchmarking Module!

Our module allows your company to effectively evaluate the relationship between software licensing costs and respective market values.

With our solution, you can save time and effort comparing software license prices, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Additionally, our module highlights significant savings opportunities, ensuring you get the best value for your software.

Our module offers a personalized search context, taking into account parameters such as the industry and size of your company, thus facilitating informed decision-making.

Start transforming your software management today!

Optimize your licensing costs and gain a competitive advantage

Strategic decision making


Cost reduction in contract renewal

Ease of searching for software licensing prices

Centralized management of usage rights and contracts


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Less time spent searching for values

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Less costs with contracting new licensing

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Lower current licensing costs

Learn more about what a PPN is

PPNs (Publisher Part Numbers) are unique identifiers assigned by manufacturers to their software products. They are essential for effective software license management as they allow companies to track and manage their licenses efficiently.

Additionally, PPNs allow companies to compare software license prices across different market segments and company sizes. This helps companies make informed decisions about how much to pay for software products, which can result in significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

detailed information about a PPN

Users can enter a specific Publisher Part Number on the search page to get detailed information such as
name, description and values practiced in the market.

Classification by Company Size

Results filtered and classified based on company size, allowing comparisons with similar companies
in terms of number of employees

Classification by Sector

Results classified according to the sector, vertical or industry segment in which the company operates, providing
a fundamental context for price comparisons.

Control contracts and invoices

Control of contracts and invoices integrated with your software use rights. Enabling the generation of insights into the rights of use acquired and the amount spent, by manufacturer and product.

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