The easiest way to optimize your SaaS subscriptions

Take control of Microsoft Office 365 at all times

Microsoft Office 365 is the productivity platform that keeps your organization running, but that doesn't mean we can let it go over budget.

Our services in conjunction with platform analyze usage and application combinations to optimize your subscription.

Get the most out of Your Office 365 investment by aligning the amount spent with your users' needs.

Make your Microsoft Office 365 investment work for you



Trade with Confidence

Complete and reliable usage data allow you to negotiate the best type of contract

Have the correct subscription

Use accurate information to choose the lowest cost subscription and eliminate the burden of underutilization

No over-provisioning

Relevant and up-to-date data shows unused accounts, making it possible to free up subscriptions, prevent future purchases and improve investment.

Maximize your investment in Office 365, effortlessly

Our services and platform for controlling Microsoft Office 365 keep your expenses always optimized, finding more economical subscription options. We analyze accounts, subscriptions and applications used to automatically suggest the best corporate plans and services for each user.

That means your important decisions are based on reliable data, no guesswork.

Knowledge is Negotiating Power

Microsoft already knows what you use. Shouldn't you also know?

Negotiating better contracts with the manufacturer means knowing what you have, what you need, and what your options are.

Our services provide all the information you need to get better and cheaper contracts. Its intuitive usage and optimization reports let you see the subscription options that best fit your needs. Simulate subscription options for your contract renewals, and go ready to negotiate even more savings and benefits


Get the right application combinations

Our services and platform for Microsoft Office 365 automatically suggest the best subscription plans and applications for each user, looking at actual usage and knowing all combinations of entitlements.

For example, if an E5 plan contains many entitlements for a user, but that user still needs Power BI Pro, it might be recommended to downgrade to an E3 plan with a separate Power BI subscription. This can result in significant savings.

Our services make it possible to optimize contracts so that the user still has access to the Office 365 apps they need, but at a lower price. Paying only for the rights you need will free up the budget for other opportunities and demonstrate the value of Office 365 license management.

Top 4 ways to optimize Microsoft 365

Trust experts who review and optimize your Microsoft 365 Tenant management 

Get a complete insight into using Microsoft 365

You'll have a single, detailed view of everything you own and use, so you can make decisions about where to optimize and eliminate duplicate licensing.

Make correct decisions based on reliable data

Get transparency into what people actually use on your Microsoft 365, then use recommendations to narrow down plans and contracts.

Strengthen your position in contract negotiations

Prepare for negotiations with manufacturers by knowing exactly what subscriptions you have, how you are using them, and what your contract options are.

Work more simply and efficiently

Deactivate unused accounts and reuse licenses. Analyze downtime trends to get the most out of your Office 365 investment.

Full visibility into Microsoft 365

Office 365 license management is the smartest and most efficient way to reduce your costs.

Here's an overview of MattZero's capabilities and its benefits for you.

  • Clear, centered view. Deactivate unused accounts and reuse licenses. Analyze downtime trends to get the most out of your Office 365 investment.
  • Reuse your available licenses. Have the option to automatically allocate subscriptions following your company's usage policies – releasing the license to other users without purchasing more and without additional effort.
  • Track costs by area. Create ChargeBack reports of Microsoft 365 costs by department, Center of Cost or other business indicator.
  • Manage your contracts. Be prepared to renew contracts at any time, having an online view of costs and possible waste. 
  • Simple and intuitive interface for decision making. Quickly interface with your Microsoft 365 consumption data in a clear and simple way.
  • Automatic viewing of inactive users. MattZero automatically analyzes logins, usage and API activity to provide a list of users that can be disabled.
  • Increase productivity. All of the manual tracking work for Office 365 is now integrated and automated in one tool, MattZero.
  • Ready for quick results.Get started quickly with MattZero, a specialized tool for Office 365 that works on the SaaS model and doesn't require integration. It's ready to bring immediate results.
  • Need Office 365 support?Our Professional Services team can analyze your contract status, help with account setup and suggest actions to minimize your purchases and scale your contracts.