Spend analysis to reduce waste and costs in the cloud

Cost reduction

We optimize and monitor all cloud costs based on your strategy. We customize automated policies to identify immediate cost savings opportunities. Save money using our recommendations to reduce or close unused resources.


Instance and Resource Management

We leverage instance and resource usage trends to generate cost-saving opportunities. We make recommendations where necessary so that your Reserved Instance purchases are always optimized based on historical usage, reservation types, and expired reservations.

Spending Tracking

Learn how to spread cloud costs across your business groups. Find out which departments, teams, owners or applications are responsible for the highest costs. Analyze your spending data month by month and better manage your future spending in a custom period.


Budget and ChargeBack Reports

Define cloud operating budgets by customizable business units. Compare the actual spend to your monthly budget and get proactively notified when you go over it. Hold departments or teams accountable by viewing monthly spend breakdowns by business unit and allocating costs to the appropriate team.

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